3 Simple Content Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs

You need more than just a good marketing idea to effectively boost your business. Without the right tools, bringing your ideas to life will be more difficult than it should be. Learn more about essential marketing tools and increase the odds of your promotional campaign succeeding.

So, what are the content marketing tools we’re referring to here? Truthfully, there are numerous tools we can highlight here. For now, though, we want to narrow our focus by talking more about an online video maker, a writing tool, and a content analyzing tool.

Find out why those tools are so important and see how they can help your marketing campaigns. They may be the exact tools you need to take your promotional campaign to the next level. 

The Online Video Maker 

To kick things off, let’s first discuss the online video maker.

If you spend even just a little bit of time online, you are likely well aware of how prevalent video has become. Numerous websites dedicated to video sharing and hosting have popped up online. Getting flooded with videos on social media has also turned into a normal occurrence.

You can understand why video is so widely utilized.

That type of content does a great job of conveying its intended message clearly. It also manages to pull that off without taking up too much of a viewer’s time. Furthermore, the engaging nature of the medium tends to leave a big impression on viewers.

Video is a powerful medium. That has been the case for a long time, but it seems like more people and businesses are tapping into their full potential now.

You do not want to miss out on that. Doing so could put your business in a disadvantaged position relative to your competitors. Finding and using a reliable video maker as soon as possible will be crucial to the success of your marketing campaign. 

What to Look for in an Online Video Maker 

Now that we better understand why video editors are important, we can turn our attention to actually finding one. Of course, that’s easier said than done. You must keep an eye out for certain qualities to ensure that you’re using a quality piece of video editing software.

First off, we recommend looking at a program’s customization capabilities.  

You don’t want the program you’re using to place restrictions on what you can and cannot do. Look for a program that gives you as much leeway as you need in terms of customization.

An online video maker that offers a huge library of templates would also be ideal. You won’t always have the time to sit down and put a fully customized video together. To meet the demand, you may have to use templates in order to get new content out as soon as possible.

Take the time to find a video editor that features social media integration as well. That kind of feature will make it easier for you to share your videos and get the jump on your competition.

Also, note that some video makers are free. There’s really no reason why they shouldn’t be included in your marketing strategy. 

The Writing Tool

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Written content remains hugely important in the marketing world. You want to convey the message of your promotional ad clearly to your potential customers. Sometimes, the best way to do that is to use the written word.

Even with the advent of other marketing channels such as podcasts and the increased popularity of videos, written content still has a role to fill. You must use it to elaborate on your offerings and give your target customers a reason to take an interest in them.

Using written content also allows you to tap into more marketing channels. It can be used for email marketing, articles, and social media posts.

However, you cannot just write anything haphazardly and expect it to be helpful to your business. You must put real thought and effort into your writing to get your desired results. Pulling that off is easier if you have the best writing tools at your disposal. 

What to Look for in a Writing Tool 

A simple word editor can certainly get the job done if you just need to put out written content. There are better options currently available though.

An online writing tool such as Google Docs is arguably better for marketing purposes.

In an online video maker, the added connectivity grants access to a consistently updated template library and useful sharing features.

For a writing tool, the addition of the online element allows for collaboration. Multiple people can start writing and even editing the document simultaneously. That will greatly speed up the content production process.

Collaborating on a single document also makes it easier to come up with ideas or refine them. The quality of the written content you push out during your marketing campaign will undoubtedly improve thanks to the aforementioned tool. 

The Content Analysis Tool 

Content Marketing

Lastly, we want to vouch for the value of a good content analysis tool. A content analysis tool is useful for a variety of reasons.

For starters, it helps you clearly see which pieces of content you’ve released are generating the most engagement. You can then decide what to do next based on the statistics available.

It also lets you know which topics are getting the most attention at the moment. Capitalize on that using your online video maker or writing tool to get better engagement as well.

A content analysis tool can also help you keep tabs on your competitor. You cannot keep track of everything your competitors are doing all the time. That’s why it’s nice to have a tool that can summarize things neatly for you. 

What to Look for in a Content Analysis Tool

Your priority when searching for a content analysis tool should be to find something that provides as much insight as possible. There is no such thing as getting too much information from your content analysis tool.

Buzzsumo is a good choice if you want a reliable content analysis tool, but there are other alternatives available. Go ahead and try out those tools and see which one offers the kind of insight you’re seeking. 

Parting Words

Effectively marketing your business can be a tough challenge, but there are tools available that make that task more manageable. Hopefully, the recommendations we’ve featured in this article will provide a big boost to your own marketing campaign.


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