7 Days To Die Cheats

Let’s unravel all about the survival-horror video game: 7 Days to Die with cheats

Q1. Are you the person who is all into video games?

Q2. Do you love playing survival-horror theme-based video games?

Q3. Are you a die-hard fan of 7 Days to Die?

Q4. Are you the one who is ready to do anything to complete the game with all possible and available tools in the game?

Q5. Are you the one who is looking for cheats everywhere, turning all the stones, asking all the friends, and looking over the World Wide Web?

If your answer is a BIG YES for all the above questions, let us assure you that you are in the right place and at the right time. And, reading through this article will certainly help you access all possible tools in the game, and you would love to continue the game in the most graceful way ever possible.


Here in this article, we will share all the details about the survival-horror video game: 7 days to die that is an aftermath of the nuclear 3rd Ward War, and the setup is in an open world. In this game, you play a role of a survivor, and you must keep alive by finding food, shelter, and water along with scavenging the supplies for fending off the zombies which are roaming around the world.

These details which we will present to you here will help you survive in the most extreme conditions in the game and help you access ALL possible ways to get over the game in the most satisfying way you could ever possibly imagine. So stay with us and follow our lead to explore the entire gaming world of the 7 Days to Die game.

Table of Content

But before we go too deep into sharing details, here is a Table of Content to help you navigate into the article easily. We are going to talk about the below things:

Let us start from the beginning, where you are just playing it alone and would like to use some cheats. 


The 7 days to die single player cheats can be used in Cheat Mode. It is an option that is present in-game settings in 2 places, “Continue Game” or “Start New Game” screen. Cheat mode is located in the Misc tab.

By using this Cheat Mode, you as a player can control the activity of your digital counterpart and it’s access to Creative Menu in the game. 

If the Cheat Mode is enabled, you can select and place any item from Creative Menu.

7 Days to Die GiveSelf list 

As the name suggests, it is a searchable list of items (with name and IDs) which you can give to yourself while playing the 7 Days to Die with GiveSelf console command.

You can use the Table View or Card View buttons to check the items in different layouts. 

Below is the list of Give Self codes:

giveself [quality level] Drops an item at your feet with maximum (600) quality. Use the optional [quality level] to specify. Item names can be found in 7 Days To DieDataConfigitems.xml
Giveselfskillxp Increase the specified skill by of experience. The MUST be capitalized and spaced correctly.
Giveselfxp Increase your experience by <a given number>.

And, here is an extensive list of Console Commands which you can use in the game: 7 Days to Die Console Commands


For Example: If you wish to get an air conditioner for yourself, type – “giveself airConditioner” in Command Console. To open the command console, you need to press the F1, F2, or ” key which works on most of the keyboards used across the planet.

After knowing how to open the Console Commands screen,now, move ahead with commands


 Check “7 days to die console commands fly” 

You can enable or disable Flying by pressing the H key. And, while flying, to go UP press SPACE key and to go Down press C key. 

Important Note: Fly Mode is not a part of the console, and hence it is just available on PC only at the moment.

Now if you can fly in the game, you must be thinking about becoming invincible and how can you do that, right?


7 days to die console commands god mode is here to make you a superpower in the game and now you would not get any damage while facing Zombies, a fall, other player’s attack, or any other possible threat to your survival. 

The only condition you need to fulfill here is: you must type debugmenu in the console to enable debug mode. After that press the Q key on your keyboard to activate and inactivate God Mode at any time you would like.

7 days to die cheats
7 days to die cheats

Now you know that there is a lot which can be done while playing this game and you must be looking forward to 7 days to die codes, isn’t it?

 Let us help you here to explore further on Command Console and what other codes can be used to do unthinkable things in this game. Just for the information: Command Console was primarily made for Game Development, but later on, used by players like us to access a wide variety of functionalities of the game. 

Further, the command console became a central idea for using cheat codes to access game stats, settings, item spawning, controlling time, etc.



To use these codes: Open Command Console by pressing F1, F2 or ” keys on different keyboards, type “admin remove <name / entity id / steam id>” to remove a player from the admin list. Try typing “lpi” to find an ID. 

7 days to die cheats
7 days to die cheats

There are n-number of codes like this to be used in the game, and you can check the list here: 

Command Console – Code list.

7 days to die PS4 cheats:

While there are several cheats available for the PC version of the game, but with a heavy heart, we would like to share that there are no known cheats for PS4 yet.

However, to help you keep alive in the game for a long, let us share some hot tips which can be applied in all the versions of the game including the PS4 version. Let’s go through them one by one:

7 days to die cheats
7 days to die cheats

Some super hot tips for PS4 Version (and in general for all the version of the game):

  1. You should always take your Bedroll with you when you go out looting in dangerous areas.
  2. You should loot everything you can in the game even if it appears to be some sort of useless junk.
  3. Sparingly use your ammunition as it is hard to get hold of ammunition during the game.
  4. Try duplicating items as soon as you can.
  5. Find more quests to complete via either note form when looting or you take them from the Trader NPC. Remember to loot for the items needed for the mission before going for one.
  6. Try to get Glue and Duct Tape as they are very important for the game, Glue can be made by looted animal bone and corpses, and duct tape can be made by the glue with a cloth.
  7. Scrap unwanted things that are no longer useful, so that the resources are recycled from the items and can be used to help craft other things.

A few other tricks which might help:

  1. Craft 50 items to get Alexander Bell Trophy, try to get other Trophies too to fast forward your wins.
  2. Craft the Bedroll
  3. Craft the Stone Axe

Now, what if you would like to model the world inside the game as per your needs, can you do that in 7 days to die? The answer is a BIG YES. 

But, How to turn on the creative mode in 7 days to die?

 To do that you need to open the game in Cheat Mode and then press the U key on your keyboard to open the Creative Menu. It has all the options/items available in the game and they are ready to be used.


 Creative Menu does not give an option to spawning-in Zombies. However, you can access the same via Entity Menu in Debug Mode of the game.Now let us share something which you might be waiting for long by now:

7 days to die cheats
7 days to die cheats

 What Are 7 Days To Die The Fastest Way To Level Fast. 

Actually speaking, there are many ways to do so, as all you need is experience upgrade which can be increased by doing various things, but here let us share only the fastest 4 ways to do that. 

Method 1: Kill as many zombies as you can by going out to find hordes, by using forges and campfire to attract screamers, and by Blood Moon hordes every 7 days.

Method 2: Start Digging, yes you heard it right… digging, cutting down trees, and hitting stones will give you a great experience.

Method 3: Looting and scavenging… this game is full of these opportunities where you can loot zombies, buildings, stores, and anything available. You should look for abandoned bags, treasure maps, airdrop caches.

Method 4: Start participating in TRADERS QUEST, it’s good when you just start to get good rewards, rare items, and experience. The gain in experience and type of rewards vary on Type of Quest, Distance, Tier of the quest, Experience level.

 Now you KNOW how to level up in the fastest way possible. But hey! Wait! Is that all?

 Is there is a simpler way out there?

Yes, why not, let us explore !

7 Days to Die XP command: 

Open the Console Command, type in the console command “giveselfxp <amount>”, replace “amount” with any number up to 300 (max). When you’re done, simply press enter and your digital character will be richer in terms of experience points by the number you have entered.

7 days to die cheats
7 days to die cheats

What gives the most XP in 7 Days to Die?

If you would like to play fair: Use the fastest ways to level fast methods for multiplying your experience which is shared earlier, but If you are not such a hard worker, try giveseldxp command in console command with assigning a number from below:

  • 100% experience (helps in base gains)
  • 125% experience (little better than 100%)
  • 150% experience (helps in leveling up a bit faster)
  • 175% experience gains
  • 200% experience (Recommended)
  • 300% experience (this one is buggy and you might lose your experience bar soon)

And use this experience percentage with the 4 discussed methods.

We are sure you are going to love the later one. But make your choice and move forward in the game.

Do you think that spawning an item is even possible in a game like 7 Days to Die?

As you have read earlier in the article that every other unthinkable act is possible here. So why not spawning an Item.

Let’s discuss!

7 days to die cheats
7 days to die cheats

How do you spawn items in 7 days to die? 

To spawn an item, Open the Console Command and type GiveSelf, followed by a space and the ID of the item you wish to spawn. 

For example, to spawn a Football Helmet, use the ID footballHelmet, in the command as “GiveSelf footballHelmet”. Simple right? Try to use this command to spawn different items during the game.


Just remember there are always two ways to doing things in this game, one way is the usual play, and the other one is to play the 7 Days to Die game with cheats. So if you can’t cross any game levels on your own, you are stuck somewhere, and you are looking for a way out from that situation, try using various ways, which are shared in this article in length. We are sure that one or the other way, these solutions will help you in the longer run.

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