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A Prince Of Persia in 2D Remake Could Arrive This Year




Great news for the gamers: a 2D remake of the original Prince of Persia, which would be followed by other projects based on the franchise is reportedly in works. For years, fans of Prince of Persia have been clamoring Ubisoft to launch a new game in the series. Prayers have finally come true.


In a store in Guatemala, two listings for “Prince of Persia Remake” for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, with an estimated delivery date for November 2020 and that, at the time of writing this, can still be reserved.

Although the list does not go beyond that information, several insiders have commented on this leak, providing credibility. Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier simply states that “video game stores love to filter out surprise ads from Ubisoft.

On the other hand, the freelance journalist Liam Robertson is more specific and points out that it could be a project that he already heard about a year ago, and that it would be a 2D remake of the original Prince of Persia, from 1989. “Yes, this is it. It’s real, “he says.

A Prince Of Persia in 2D Remake Could Arrive This Year
A Prince Of Persia in 2D Remake Could Arrive This Year

Prince Of Persia: Know How It Was Developed?

He also says that a year ago he heard plans to do other things with the franchise, so this title could be an advance for a new installment of the saga, or a remake of one of the Prince of Persia in 2D, like The Sands of Time.

For now, the Prince of Persia saga is still on hiatus at Ubisoft. If true, it will most likely be announced in the Ubisoft Forward that will take place, in theory, this September, although if it comes out for Switch, it could be an announcement that Nintendo would be reserved for some future Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase.

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