Among Us Players Spammed By Pro-Trump Hacker

One of the popular games on brooking platforms Among Us has been trapped by hackers. The latest hack in Among Us is covering the chat of general games with an advertisement for the hacker. 

It happened after three days of Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez brooking live session that drew over numerous viewers on Twitch. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez plays a game, Among Us, something like a souped-up. The Democratic congresswoman had set up a brook. Also, enlisted many famous gaming encouragers for the events. It had a double purpose for the session. A campaign rally for Joe Biden. It was a smashed hit and getting huge spread attention and praise. Also, drawing some hit thinking on whetherAOC had polished a light on future politics as well as organization.

Tonight the game is under assault from an evident pro-Trump hacker going by the individuality of them. InnerSloth- the company after Among Us, finalized that hack in a tweet. It sent more message on social media that shows it was constantly. 

The hacker shell Among Us players communicated with messages via the game chat event. Many gamers then use Twitter to complain about the facts they search for themselves. Moreover, they shared screenshots of the messages Eris Loris. 

Via the game brook, AOC marked the young fans of the U.S. According to recent polls and the prey, fan is likely to give support to Biden. With AOC also coming from the young fans. She has been a quick hit. However, hit brook even has not gone down good among Trump followers. The hacker, who has gone by the name Eris Loris, pointed the Among Us gamers with spam messages via the game chat event. 

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