An IT Buff’s Guide to Choosing the Best Lenovo Laptop for Your Needs

“A Colorado man ends a losing battle with his uncooperative computer by shooting it 8 times.

Although not to such extremes, all of us have experienced computer rage in one form or another. It’s only human to feel rage when your laptop keeps crashing or lagging. To overcome these headaches, you should consider buying the best Lenovo laptop.

Yet, with so many different Lenovo laptop models, how do you decide the ideal one to buy?

To help you out, here is an IT buff’s guide to choosing the best Lenovo laptop for your needs.


One of the biggest laptop myths is that powerful machines are super expensive. And that’s why many people, especially students, compromise on laptop’s features to save money. They argue that they can make do with slow laptops as they can’t afford the prices of powerful ones.

The great thing about Lenovo is that they offer many budget-friendly yet powerful laptops. All you need is to specify your needs and look for a Lenovo laptop within your budget range. For example, seek resources that educate you more on the best Lenovo laptop for students.

Also, look for the top shop that offers Lenovo laptops at affordable prices. So, leverage the internet to check the deals for the latest Lenovo laptops. You want to compare the prices of these laptops to decide the one to buy.

Weight and Screen Size

One of the drawbacks of having a heavy and bulky laptop is suffering severe shoulder and back pain. The problem is that you need to carry your laptop with you when going to various places. That’s why when shopping for a new laptop; you need to consider weight.

You want to find a lightweight laptop to enhance portability. So, compare the weights of various Lenovo ultra-books to decide the one to get. The great thing is that most online laptop shops add weight as part of the laptop’s features so, it is easy to compare the weights of various Lenovo laptops.

Besides, check the laptop’s screen size to pick the one most ideal for your needs. A laptop with 12-14 inches is ideal for individuals who’re constantly on the move. The reason is that this laptop is easy to pack and carry with you anywhere you go.


It’s a no-brainer that when searching for a new laptop, you need to check the RAM. Yet, it’s still hard to decide whether to buy a laptop with 2, 4, 8, 16, or 32 GB of RAM. To ease making this decision, clearly specify how you intend to use the new laptop.

So, if you’re searching for the best Lenovo gaming laptop, then go for the one with at least 16 GB of RAM. You want to ensure that the laptop has adequate short-term memory to support numerous computer games. Besides, the 16 GB of RAM ensures that the computers run without any lags when playing games.

On the other hand, you can make do with a laptop with 8GB of RAM or even lower if you’re using it for business activities. The reason is that most business software and apps are light and don’t need a lot of short-term to operate smoothly.


One of the biggest laptop debates over the past few years is whether to choose HDD or SSD. Most people don’t understand the differences between these storage options, and that’s why they struggle to decide the ones to use. Besides, even computer experts tend to differ on when it’s best to settle for HDD and when to go for SSD.

To simplify things start by comparing the cost of Lenovo laptops with HDDs vs. the ones with SSDs. You’ll discover that in many instances, laptops with HDDs are cheaper than the ones with SSDs. So, if you’re looking for a relatively cheap laptop that can handle basic things, then go for the one with HDD.

On the other hand, for speed and longevity, you should choose a Lenovo laptop with SSD. SSDs are way faster than HDDs meaning that your laptop with loads programs quickly. Besides, SSDs tend to have a longer lifespan than HDDs, and the only drawback is that they’re a bit more expensive.


It’s frustrating when you have to keep recharging your laptop after a few hours. If there is a power outbreak, you’ll have to stop working as your laptop doesn’t have any charge. That’s why when shopping for a new Lenovo laptop; you must check its battery.

You want to find a laptop that can go for hours without having to recharge it. With this kind of laptop, it’s easy to work and use your laptop when commuting. For example, if you’re on a train on your way home, you can use your laptop to complete a work assignment.

Keyboard and Touchpad

When searching for the best Lenovo laptop for business, it’s essential you check the keyword. You want to find a laptop with a modern backlit keyword to enhance user experience. Besides, you’re looking for a Lenovo laptop with a high-quality keyboard to minimize the risk of malfunctioning keys.

You want to avoid the nightmare of using a laptop with auto-pressing or non-responsive keyboard keys. So, to know more about a given laptop’s keyboard and touchpad, check out online reviews. You want to learn from other Lenovo users’ experiences to decide the perfect laptop to purchase.

2 in 1 vs. Traditional Laptops

One of the latest technology in the computer field is 2 in 1 laptop. With these laptops, you have the option of detaching the keyword and having a tablet. So, as you should for a new laptop, you should consider getting a 2 in 1 laptop.

The idea is to compare the pros and cons of these 2 in 1 laptops to see if they fit their needs. Besides, check the prices of these modern 2 in 1 laptops versus traditional ones. Your goal is to choose a new laptop with specifications that perfectly suit your needs.


The display resolution is the other key thing to check when shopping for a new Lenovo laptop. Many people, however, tend to downplay the importance of a high-resolution laptop. They argue that they’re using the laptop for basic tasks for high-quality images doesn’t matter.

Yet, this is a mistake as you should invest in a modern laptop as your needs may change in the future. Besides, even though you’re searching for the best Lenovo laptop for business, you may use it for recreational activities like watching movies. That’s why you need to check a laptop’s resolution and graphics before buying it.

Go for a Lenovo laptop with a high resolution to enjoy quality images and have a great user experience.

Number of Ports

Before buying a laptop, you must check the number of USB ports and whether it has an HDMI port. These are things that many people ignore, only to regret later buying the wrong laptop. Imagine you want to connect your laptop to a TV screen, but it doesn’t have an HDMI port.

That’s why you need to inspect all the ports on the Lenovo laptop you plan to buy. To ease the look, shop for the laptop at the leading store that offers excellent customer service. You want to get professional guidance on the importance of various ports.

The idea is to acquire a Lenovo laptop with adequate ports to meet all your needs. Besides, the experts will educate you on the usage of different ports.

Upgrading Options

What happens when you purchase a new laptop and discover you need more storage space? Some people are quick to assume that they’re forced to dispose of it and get a new one. The problem is that not everyone can afford to buy a new laptop after a few months.

That’s why you should look for a Lenovo laptop with an amazing upgrading option. A laptop that you can add the RAM or storage space with ease. The idea is to upgrade your laptop easily when you need a change in the future.

So, compare the upgrading options of various Lenovo laptops to decide the one to purchase.

Get Value by Investing in the Best Lenovo Laptop

You’re halfway there to choosing a great laptop when you pick Lenovo. The reason is that this brand is renowned for its superiority and cutting-edge innovations. So, rely on the above things to help you choose the best Lenovo laptop.

That’s why you need to check the laptop’s RAM, battery, and weight to decide the one to buy. Also, go for a Lenovo laptop with a high-resolution screen and amazing upgrading options.

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