Apex Legends Announces New Update! Here Are The Details

Energy weapons have become the true protagonists of the new Season 6 of Respawn’s Battle Royale

Apex Legends has just started a Season 6 full of news. But, as is usual with these types of major updates, the patch for the new Season brings so many new features that it almost always needs fixes. In this way, the guys from Respawn Entertainment have announced a new update that will be activated in a few hours. 

This is especially useful for carrying out numerous fixes, although the highlight is the nerf to the Devotion energy light machine gun.

Above all, we talked about fixes related to Rampart. We will list them below:

  • They have fixed the bug with Rampart’s extended coverage crashing Apex Legends.
  • Fixed a server bug that caused immediate disconnects when Rampart tore down a wall.
  • Fixed a bug that occurs when a player is in a Rampart turret when it has been destroyed.
  • You may have seen a funny error in networks that consists in that some Legends (depending on the skin) see how their neck is stretched in a very crazy way when they are using Sheila.
  • Fixed a bug with running Rampart “Boom”.
Apex Legends Announces New Update! Here Are The Details
Apex Legends Announces New Update! Here Are The Details

This is where the really interesting thing comes since we are going to talk about the great protagonists of Season 6 of Apex Legends, the energy weapons.

  • Is the damage Devotion reduced (17 to 16) and also have increased kickback. They say these are quick changes and that they intend to carry out further adjustments soon.
  • Devotion and Turbochargers spawn rate reduced.
  • Drop rate for Gold Helmets, Gold Backpacks, and Gold Emergency Shields has been reduced.

Those responsible for Apex Legends have ensured that they will continue to make more adjustments and that they will be implementing them in the coming weeks. 

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