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Apex Legends: Bug Gives Octane Infinite Adrenaline




This bug doesn’t really take away or give Octane anything, but it does lead to some very strange and curious animations

Octavio Silva, better known as Octant, landed in Apex Legends in Season 1, being the first Legend to arrive after the game’s launch in February 2019. He has become one of the most popular characters thanks to his great speed somewhat which is very useful in any Battle Royale and its ability to position itself in higher places than its rivals also important in shooters.

To counter, his tactical ability, Adrenaline, only gives him 6 seconds of extra speed and subtracts some health. But what if it was infinite?

Apex Legends: Bug Gives Octane Infinite Adrenaline
Apex Legends: Bug Gives Octane Infinite Adrenaline

Well, something like this has been reported by the user on Reddit ZyroZen. He was practicing with Octane at the Apex Legends Shooting Range when something quite strange happened to him. He used his tactical ability, and when its effect wore off after 6 seconds, the syringe was still stuck in Octane’s chest and his left hand moving as if he was running even though he was still. However, the speed was already normal. An image is worth a thousand words, so we leave it below:

Apparently, the bug is quite unusual and causes animations as rare as the reloads, where we can see that the magazine of the weapon floats and gets itself into the slot of the weapon. Unfortunately, Apex Legends has many bugs that are very annoying like this recently reported where the skin of level 110 of the Battle Pass for the Scout brings a serious problem. Luckily, it’s been a few days since Respawn updated the Battle Royale to fix a few more issues.


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