Apex Legends: Crossplay Date And Other Updates

It’s been well over a year since Apex Legends broke the market as one of the best Battle Royale in the video game industry. At present, many titles have cross-play between the different platforms for which they are available.

However, the Respawn game is not one of them, and it is something in high demand since its launch. Eventually, this additive was confirmed, and more recent clues emerged about its arrival date. Now, we know more details.

Many of you will already know the famous data miner Shrugtal, who has already successfully leaked a lot of information in the past about Apex Legends thanks to his steps in the game code.

Well, he shared a video very recently of everything he could find about crossplay in the code after the Season 6 patch and he thinks it could arrive on September 15.

Apex Legends: Crossplay Date And Other Updates
Apex Legends: Crossplay Date And Other Updates

Details of the crossplay and possible arrival to Switch

  • References to player chat rooms have been found in crossplay.
  • The crossplay will work thanks to the Electronic Arms Digital Platform.
  • The latter will allow Apex Legends players to invite users from platforms other than their own.
  • There will be a new user interface for the topic of friend requests, game invites, etc.
  • Along with the crossplay would also come the filtered Club system.
  • The crossplay is coming to Apex Legends on September 15, along with the leaked “Aftermarket” Collection Event. Of course, it must be clarified that this is more speculation than a statement by Shrugtal on the basis that the crossover game would arrive with an important update very soon and not just anyone.
  • The data miner also verified that he has found numerous references to the arrival of Apex Legends to Switch in the Season 6 patch, and it could be related to the arrival of crossplay.

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