Apex Legends To Introduce A New Map In Season 6

Season 6 of Apex Legends is just around the corner, specifically on August 18 it will land next to the long-awaited Rampart Legend. And yes, expectations were high thanks to the new character, and now they are thanks to all its novelties, but something that many expected and continue to wait for was a new map: Olympia.

However, after the presentation trailer of the new Legend, many doubted if it would finally arrive. What will Respawn do in the end?

As you will recall, the story between Loba and Revenant ends with the objective of all Legends to travel to Olympia. This set off all the alarms among the fans, as it seemed that it was confirmed that there would be a new map. 

Apex Legends To Introduce A New Map In Season 6
Apex Legends To Introduce A New Map In Season 6

Of course, I did not know if it would be for the Battle Royale or for the new plot, which is PvE, just like Season 5. But it seems that Respawn has revealed the theme of the new map.

As the well-known leaker and data miner loot games have shared, Respawn itself shared the news that would arrive in Season 6, including “exploring a renewed map”, alluding to one of the two maps (presumably End of the World ) renovated. Also, these leakers, although some believed that the new map was a reality, now all agree that there will be no new map.

Although Season 6 has not yet started and Respawn may come as a surprise, it would be strange if they are waiting so long to break the news that there will be more places to explore in Apex Legends.

So far everything we know at the bit about the Apex Legends. We will update this article as new details become known so if you want to stay up to date, stay tuned to Nintendo inquirer”.


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