Are Cryptocoin Crash Games Good to Make Some Serious Money?

In the world of online gambling, there are going to be tons of games that pop up that can seriously make you some money. One of the more popular things that have appeared is these “crash” games that people use cryptocurrency in order to be able to play. 

Most of the time, the online casino will accept only a specific cryptocurrency as a deposit method and you will select how many coins you are willing to wager on one game and could set up an automatic stopping point. They will begin the game and the game will “crash” and end at a certain point, but it increases from 1.0 times by 0.01 each time and you can cash out from the game at any point. 

How You Can Make Some Money Playing These Games

First, make sure the game is legitimate as there can be a bunch of games that are not going to be good in those terms. Once you find that, it is all about managing your bankroll and understanding how the game is played. People love to increase their bankroll and aim for the jackpot as these games can have a 2000x and gives the user the opportunity to autobet a specific amount and a cashout at a certain multiplier. 

The biggest thing I like to do in these types of games is set a low cashout option to start, typically I like to go around 1.1x as that seems to be good and I am okay wagering 10 percent of my bankroll in this game. These can be crashing at 1.00x so having a low baseline will continue to increase the bankroll on each hand. 

In terms of how much I like to place per wager is simple. One of the things with these types of games is understanding the variance is extremely high and is looking to bankrupt you so I put five percent of my initial bankroll so I have a minimum of 20 rolls if I lose every single hand. The important thing is I do not change my bet amount because of the high variance. 

Why You Can Lose Everything Quickly

The biggest issue for users in these types of games is trying to expect a trend that will happen. One example is that 10 games in a row have gone 1.5x or higher so that means it will crash very early on the 11th game. However, this is an RNG (random number generator) game so there are actually zero trends in this game.

Essentially, you are playing a slot machine and hoping to continue winning enough to play more often. The fact there is absolutely no method to playing is essentially leaving this all up to chance. People tend to not understand that and instead try to increase their wager depending on the outcome of previous games that have happened and are forced to continue depositing into their accounts. 

The object is to continue withdrawing and not depositing so understanding the randomness of the game will make sure that you are smarter than the rest and continue building up your bankroll.

The Verdict

These games are a good way to kill some time but the fact is to make some actual money, you need to be wagering thousands of coins in the game per hand as typically these games are played with lesser coins and do not have equivalent value (meaning one ETH is not equal to one coin in ethcrash) and that is critical to understanding. 

Most games are transparent and will tell you the conversion rate due to the fact that they are not giving you a 1:1 conversion ratio. This is an entertaining game that could win you lunch for your next shift, but do not be expecting to be able to retire from these types of games anytime soon.

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