Battletoads To Release In August! On Xbox One And PC

The game Battletoads become on August 20 for Xbox One, PC, and Game Pass. Rare, the creator studio of the series in the nineties has participated in this reboot.

The return of Battletoads for Xbox One and PC is very close. Despite the fact that we hadn’t known anything about the game for many months, a new trailer has just been released that confirms the release date: August 20. It will be released on Xbox One, Windows 10, Steam and Game Pass, all on the same day.

The exclusive game Battletoads has been produced by Dlala Studios in collaboration with Rare, in the same studio, where saga participated in 1991. It will be the first time that we see this trio of anthropomorphic amphibians, Zitz, Rash and Pimple, who will give each other cakes in a beat ‘ em-up with all the flavor of the classics and an irreverent sense of humor inspired by the cartoons of the nineties.


What is most striking is perhaps its artistic, hand-drawn style, even in 3D perspective driving phases. Of course, it will also have a local multiplayer mode to three bands.

The launch date so close has surprised us, although the truth is that we already smelled it since it had been listed on the age rating page of Brazil. Why didn’t Microsoft include it in its Xbox Games Showcase catalog last week?

The game Battletoads is launching on August 20 for Xbox One and PC. Remember that if you want to try their original adventures, they are included in Rare Replay, which is also part of the Xbox Game Pass.

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