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The twenty-first century is a time of rapid development of computer technologies. New models of processors and video cards appear every year. Evolution does not bypass computer video games, which, with every new year, become more exciting and beautiful in terms of graphics and plot. Annually, more and more computer games are released in different genres, and 2022 will be no exception. Until the end of the year, well-known developers plan to release several new games. The main goal of a gamer is to have an exciting time fighting with other users and taking part in tournaments or building their city.

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Gambling industry providers do not lag behind the games, offering new online slots for money to the user’s judgment. They change plots, heroes, and bonus programs, but the winnings remain constant and grow! If you find Grand Rush bonus codes, then see them for yourself. These bonus codes can help you win more easily and be sure you’ll get real money.  By the way, some PC games also allow you to improve your financial condition. This top contains the latest PC games. Someone is looking forward to each of them!

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Extraction

The game is a multiplayer online shooter. The players have a task: collecting data, samples, or extracting materials from a computer. To complete their task, the detachment must break into the occupied building and go to the target, shooting back simultaneously with alien defenders. The game has many locations that differ in complexity, and a logical system of injuries and deaths is presented.

Shadow Warrior 3

Action game from the first person. It is a continuation of previous versions and has received positive user feedback. The gameplay is exciting and addictive. Before the player opens an extensive selection of weapons – melee and firearms, fighting techniques, and abilities – opponents have different difficulty levels, making the game dynamic.

Kingdom of the dead

It is a horror game, which is made in an unusual style. Unique sketches of various objects open before the user. Opponents are climbing out of the ground, clearly not in a positive mood, and the player’s goal is to deal with them. The novelty is characterized by pleasant gameplay and unusual graphics. “KINGDOM of the DEAD” already has plenty of positive reviews.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human

It’s a game with a vast and open world, survival with RPG elements. It adapts to the player’s decisions, which makes it different from the rest in its genre. Not only that, but it is worth noting that only melee weapons are present in the game. Also, gamers can play in cooperative mode.

Elden Ring

Fantasy, open-world RPG. The action is far from the real world. The game has many locations. Gamers can pick up weapons from the range presented and use other options. Each user can create a unique character, which is unlike the others. Everywhere “danger” that does not get bored.

Diplomacy is Not an Option

An exciting strategy where constant battles take place. The player makes different decisions, which will determine the future of the state, its economy, army, and the authority of the gamer in society. “Diplomacy is Not an Option” is ideal for those looking for entertainment and developing thinking.

Gran Turismo 7

In 2022, the long-awaited 7th part of the planet’s leading car simulator was announced. The user will see maniacal attention to detail, elaborated to the smallest detail, and gameplay in 4K resolution (60 frames per second). It will open up new possibilities for spending time.


In a well-known action game about a cat lost in a large and unknown cyberpunk world: the user will feel like a four-legged predator: he will also lap milk from a bowl, sharpen his claws on the sofa, and touch something with his paw. The game will delight fans of our more minor brothers.

How to choose a fair game?

Each gamer chooses a computer game based on his preferences. First of all, paying attention to the genre, secondly to the gameplay, the name of the developer, and only after that to other points. 2022 promises to be a “fruitful” year. Many entertainment content companies have announced the release of new products. You can also write a list of personal computer video games and try something new daily. It is essential to consider that projects are focused on a specific user. In addition to personal preferences, you must compare your choice with the computer’s capabilities – each product has specific technical requirements. Pay attention to the following parameters:

  • amount of RAM;
  • type of video card;
  • processor power.


Every year, games become even more realistic. Game worlds are growing, becoming more open and thoughtful. Thanks to new graphical innovations and new engines, your favorite characters will look and act more beautiful than ever. So feel free to download, and most importantly – get only the best emotions and impressions during the passage.

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