27 Best PS2 JRPGs of all time: Click to know More about Them

When we think of leisure, our ps2 comes to our mind and why wouldn’t it? The ps2 has been the host for legendary games that have provided us with a reason to stay at home. For your convenience, we have come up with 27 Best PS2 JRPGs that you can play during this pandemic to stay safe so that you can save the world. 

Best Jrpgs Of All Time:

We have come up with the best jrpgs on ps2 that will give you the goosebumps when you continue playing. These games are defined by their plot, their genre, and the connection they have established throughout the year with their players.

The list is filled with genres ranging from ps2 action RPG to tactical RPG, from ps2 turn-based RPG to fantasy RPG. Each genre is suited to serve the needs of various kinds of players in the world. Let’s dive in. 

Final Fantasy: 

  • Score by Metacritic: 92
  • The genre of the game: turn-based RPG. 
27 Best PS2 JRPGs of all time: Click to know More about Them
27 Best PS2 JRPGs of all time: Click to know More about Them

The setting of the game is totally based on a fiction where human species are totally shoved on the brink of going extinct. In this new game which is a fantasy, you have to do everything in your might to stop the force which is powerful from operating against humankind. The force is named ‘sin’. 

This sin is responsible for the destruction of the city and the lives of the human. When you start playing this game, you will be faced with three characters who contribute to the game equally. Because of them, the game has become very fun. Those characters are Tidus who is a celebrity blitzball player, along with Yuna who is a young woman that can summon and control aeons.

Aeons are considered as a powerful spirit of the yore. As the series of the game advances, so did the voiceovers and the characterization too. The final fantasy x is an advanced form of this game. 

Expert’s opinion: It is considered to be a game jam-packed with adventure and a good plot. The game has the story that serves the purpose of the player along with great control. 

Games in the saga: Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XII.

Persona 4: 

27 Best PS2 JRPGs of all time: Click to know More about Them
  • Score by Metacritic: 90
  • The genre of the game: social sim and turned based RPG. 

A guy from the urban area leaves to start a new life in the town of Inaba. However, the town is not safe at all as the town is stricken with the mysteries of murder. The murders layer leads to crimes that are not only bizarre but also mysterious. 

Both crimes are just a part of his life which can be solved only by him and his friends. They learn new tricks to defeat the evil that has shaken the town. They learn to make new weapons to make sure that evil is defeated in order to restore the life that they have been living before the murder took place. 

Apart from this, the game emphasizes a sense of togetherness and kindness through the depiction of school life and other normal chores. The adventures and normally both are bright together here in the game to give the best of both the worlds. 

Expert’s opinion: The fantastic role-playing game is bright together with a new zing to the story as well as a newness. The end result of the game is best in the RPG genre. 

Other games in the saga: persona 3 FES

Dragon Quest VIII: 

  • Score by Metacritic: 89
  • The genre of the game: turn-based RPG. 
27 Best PS2 JRPGs of all time: Click to know More about Them
27 Best PS2 JRPGs of all time: Click to know More about Them

The world that is both vast and vibrant can be explored in this game as you have to continue by participating in a series of roleplay to save the world. It is one of the games that is full of mystery that remains to be solved by you. 

The mystery is related to a scepter that is forbidden to get access to, a curse that makes the game even harder than it is, a kingdom where everything goes wrong as it is entwined in enchanting creatures after using the scepter freezes the time. Everyone is affected by this. Not everyone. You are the one who survived and who has to restore everything. 

Expert’s opinion: The game is pretty much what every gamer wants. The game is thoroughly accurate with rewarding its gamers with the right amount of story, adventure, and mystery. 

Kingdom Hearts II: 

  • Score by Metacritic: 87
  • The genre of the game: action

It is the game that is a sequel to kingdom hearts so the game starts where kingdom heart ends. The setting is described one year after the events of Kingdom Hearts where Sora and friends are assembled with a host of characters of different personalities.

One of the characters is the king. They continue their journey by facing and conquering an uncountable amount of dangers in a world that is still a mystery to them. 

Throughout the journey, they discover that Heartless still exists. Along with him, there is another villain that awaits them. Is this new though? The game is full of mystery that is waiting to be unraveled by you. It is a through and through a beautiful game packed with elements that will shock you and keep you to the ground. 

Expert’s opinion: The game is a prequel to the kingdom hearts. The second installment is as good as it gets. It is full of mystery, action, and a good plot that everyone is looking for. 

Other game in the saga: kingdom hearts. 

Suikoden III: 

  • Score by Metacritic: 86
  • The genre of the game: turn-based RPG. 
27 Best PS2 JRPGs of all time: Click to know More about Them
27 Best PS2 JRPGs of all time: Click to know More about Them

It is another game in the series of Suikoden. However, it is a prequel that puts the setting right fifteen years before the setting of Suikoden 2. The prequel is based upon the stories of Jugo that were in the games of Suikoden 2. The game’s plot solely depends on the plot of the depiction of Hugo’s story who is the son of the village’s chief. 

Hugo gets entertained with the character of Chris who is known as the virtuous Knight of Zexen and a person named Geddoe who is the rebellious unit commander. The story depends upon the destiny that brings them together so that they can collect the 108 Stars of Destiny. It is one of the games that go out of its way to make sure that it is one of the games that has broken the bar set by other games when it comes to battle, action and mystery. 

Expert’s opinion: According to IGN, the game has everything to offer. You will not only get the best of the fantasy world where they are offering a mystery that you can solve but are giving such action that makes it one of the best. 

Other games in the saga: Suikoden IV, Suikoden V. 

Disgaea: Hours of darkness

  • Score by Metacritic: 84
  • The genre of the game: Tactical RPG

The setting is set in the realm of the netherworld. This world is the darkest of all worlds which is equal to landing in an abyss. Because it has crossed the abyss, it makes it far away from the reach of the mortal land. The land where the setting is set is cursed to the core where only evil reigns and only crimes are committed. It is the opposite of the heavenly place.

The land exists yet no one knows where it is. Nobody even wants to know where it is as they only have fear in their mind about this particular place. The story begins with the death of King Krichevskoy who was the ruler of the Netherworld. two years later His son Laharl wakes up from a long sleep without knowing that his father has been reading for two long years. 

Absent the supreme ruler, the evil forces are scheming to take charge of the power in the mortal world. Prince Laharl tries to restore the balance that was lost when his father died with the help of Etna who is his subordinate and Etna’s underlings. With the help of etna, he has to retain the balance once lost to reclaim his throne.

Expert’s opinion: According to game reviewers, the game is one of the best that gives a jam-packed action and plot to the gamers. It is the best of both worlds. You need to put your strategy into the game so as to win it. If coming up with a strategy is your forte, then this is the game. 

Dark cloud 2: 

  • Score by Metacritic: 87
  • The genre of the game: action RPG

The game has time traveling in its connotation. The game is jam-packed with a beautiful timeline that can be easily understood while retaining most of the originality. A time traveler visits a young man who is the protagonist in the game. The time traveler tries to protect the future of the protagonist. 

You have to create your own methods to come up with a way to save the world from getting destroyed. It is you who can do it as you will have to rebuild the world from scratch to make sure that it is restored to normalcy. You will be given elements to make your own equipment which can be wielded. Be creative and enjoy the journey on yourself. 

Expert’s opinion: In one of the reviews of Yahoo, it was noticed that the game was hailed as one of the best that can make a person tick. The ability to grasp the attention of a gamer with that very thing that will make him want more is what this game is all about. If you are artistic and know how to play using tactics then it is the game for you. 

Other games in the saga: Dark cloud. 

Note: In America, it was released as Dark cloud 2 however in other places it was sold as dark chronicles 2. 

Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria

  • Score by Metacritic: 84
  • The genre of the game: real-time battle. 
27 Best PS2 JRPGs of all time: Click to know More about Them
27 Best PS2 JRPGs of all time: Click to know More about Them

The story is based on greek mythology. The setting is set almost many years before Lenneth’s tale occurred. There was the saga that was conquered by the gods. This saga was related to the fight between Odin and Valkyrie.  There was one valkyrie Silmeria who served Odin with utmost loyalty, but after a strange turn of events, there was a problem seen between the relationship of Odin and Valkyrie driving down to reincarnate her in the form of humans. 

The human form came to be known as the carrier of a spirit of Alicia who was none other than the Princess of Dipan. The memories of valkyrie were dominant and asleep in the body of Alicia which would not wake up until it was summoned however a transmigrating force caused the spirit of Valkyrie to finally regain consciousness within the body of Alicia which drove both of those spirits to share one body. This particular event was to follow Odin, not for a short period of time. Here the adventure starts. 

Expert’s opinion: According to IGN the game will not be gone from your memory even if you play the game for too long. Certain episodes are too much to bear as they are very intense with plots and good graphics. 

Xenosaga: Episode 1

  • Score by Metacritic: 83
  • The genre of the game: turn-based RPG. 
27 Best PS2 JRPGs of all time: Click to know More about Them
27 Best PS2 JRPGs of all time: Click to know More about Them

This particular game will take you to space as the background of the game is set in space where you will have to fight the fight against aliens that are not only merciless but ruthless too. It is against the human race and the aliens and it is upon you and your team to stop humanity from going extinct. The game is directed towards searching for the ultimate truth that would lead to salvation. 

Expert’s opinion: According to the gameplay informer the glory that Xenosaga has achieved in this short period of time has turned it into a masterpiece. 

Other games in the saga: Xenosaga episode 2, Xenosaga episode 3. 

Shin Megami Tensei: nocturne:

  • Score by Metacritic: 82
  • The genre of the game: turn-based RPG

This particular game has the setting of a post-apocalyptic world which is filled with modern outcomes and themes that would dazzle the hearts of many. The game continues to be a thrilling one as it is refined with the best graphics that one can get in to play in PlayStation 4. 

The game starts with the annihilation of humankind in a catastrophe. The whole fate and the power to make this apocalyptic world turn into a normal one rests on a boy who has to make it alright by fighting forces of evil powers to set everything right. 

Expert’s opinion: According to G4 TV, it is a game that has cool art and a pretty bizarre storyline that has the power to make a person addicted to the game. 

Other games in the saga: Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner, Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2

Shadow hearts: covenants: 

  • Score by Metacritic: 85
  • The genre of the game: turn-based RPG. 

The game is set in the world.war era but with a fantasy setting where fairies and elves are roaming the world to make it more interesting. The game proceeds six months from the first series start. Yuri who is the main character starts her journey with other characters in order to defeat the evil that has taken the world by force. 

The main character has supernatural abilities that will help him win the war. Even though the game has been hailed as one of the best ones because of the creative setting and theme along with the graphics, the story is something that really has grasped the gamers. 

Expert’s opinion: according to the PSX nation, this particular role-playing game is the best that there is because of the vibrant setting and the beautifully written plot that makes it exciting and interesting. 

Other games in the saga: Shadow Hearts, Shadow Hearts: From The New World. 

Rogue galaxy:

  • Score by Metacritic: 83
  • The genre of the game: action RPG. 

This is the new invention adapted from the gamers of dark cloud series with characters that are as good as it gets. The game revolves around a character named Jester who has only one dream, that is to explore the mysterious galaxy. 

However, his jest for discovering the galaxy turns him mistakenly into a bounty hunter as he is recruited by the people of that sort. The game from here on becomes much more exciting as he is set off to a journey where he has to find clues on Eden, by engaging in countless battles to get the treasures of the world.

Expert’s opinion: According to the game informer, the game has been hailed as one of the most popular ones as the developers have come up with the best way to heighten the graphic and story of the theme. 

Odin sphere:

  • Score by Metacritic: 83
  • The genre of the game: action RPG

The story of this game is set in Eriom which has a troubling time holding onto peace. It is at this moment when the country of the Valentine is demolished by using the power of a historical relic.

This destruction leads to a war between the faery of Ringford and the soldiers of Ragnanival. This whole fight between them is a part of the prophecy that will only lead to Ragnarok. It can only end if the prophecy is put to an end.

 The only person who can do that is the Gwendolyn who is the daughter of Odin. The game leads to a series of subplots which only makes the whole game more interesting. There are five characters altogether to play the game. The graphics are intricate like the plot of the game. 

Expert’s opinion: According to electronic gamers monthly, it is one of those games in which one can continue to savor the spheres of Odin by playing this game alone. 

Growlanser generation: 

  • Score by Metacritic: 81
  • The genre of the game: Tactical RPG

This particular game is divided into two highly strategic RPGs which will give the dose of life to anyone who is a master at coming up with tactics. The first division is known as Growlanser II: The Sense of Justice in which the players are introduced to the world of melee and magic.

 It is a world where the rings become weapons that can be yielded to be used in war. They can control Wein Cruz and seven of his collaborators in battles which are just as complex as it gets. The second part is Growlanser III: The Dual Darkness which showcases the advent of the Growlanser universe. 

It shows how the world was taken into the darkness and the reservation of the people in it and how it contributed to the apocalypse. The game is critically good and the graphics, as well as the plots, make the player engage in tactics. 

Expert’s opinion: According to GameSpot, this game is packed with tactical needs that a player can choose from two different paths that will give them an exciting deal of a lifetime.

Phantom brave:

  • Score by Metacritic: 81
  • The genre of the game: Tactical RPG. 

This particular game is the beautifully taken successor to the game Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. The game starts with the thirteen-year-old Marona, who is an orphan, living on an island called Phantom Isle. However, the kid is not a mediocre child as he has supernatural abilities that help him to see and exploit spirits. one of the spirits named Ash was a swordsman. 

He died alongside Marona’s mother and father. Morona and Ash are considered to be companions as Ash takes it upon himself to guide him in the dark journey that will establish his powers and teach him to wield it to his benefits. The game is full of the good loot and the role-playing will get you as far as you want.  

Expert’s opinion: According to Eurogamer, the game is well crafted to suit and serve each purpose of those gamers who love to engage in role-playing. 

Star Ocean: Till the end of time

  • Score by Metacritic: 80
  • The genre of the game: action RPG. 

The game starts with the plot where the protagonist named Fayt takes up his good friend of childhood Sophia to Leingod where his family lives. He then takes his family and Sophia to a planet called hyda which is managed by the federation so that they can have a vacation in the place. 

However, their long-desired vacation turns into hell as the place gets attacked by the military forces that are totally unknown. The protagonist gets totally separated from his childhood friend and his family. This is where the game begins as all the characters set out to a journey to an uncharted place to seek for their loved ones. 

Expert’s opinion: According to an RPG fan, the game has CG that makes one’s eyes pop with excitement. The game is orchestrated with a soul searching quest that will set out the journey not only for the character but also for the player. 

La Pucelle: tactics 

  • Score by Metacritic: 79
  • The genre of the game: tactical RPG. 

The journey starts within the supernatural world where the protagonist turns sixteen and just gets his ticket to be called up as a professional exorcist. This, passing his exams of exorcism promotes him to a team in La Pucelle where he along with some of his academic buddies set their path where they have to hunt spirits and bring them to their end. 

27 Best PS2 JRPGs of all time: Click to know More about Them
27 Best PS2 JRPGs of all time: Click to know More about Them

This game is something that is new to the RPG as the theme of the game and the combination of it, a spirit-based world where tactics are needed to embark in the journey to seek adventure is something that not many games offer. There are such effects such as being able to attack all people at once, using spells etc sets it apart from the other games. 

Expert’s opinion: According to IGN the game is something that everyone should give a try too as it has something that many want. The game offers an exhilarating experience as the adventure is unique. 

Wild arms 3: 

  • Score by Metacritic: 78
  • The genre of the game: turn-based RPG. 

The game starts with a bunch of travelers who are known as a drifter that drift from.places to places in search of fortune and adventure. But the cities that are made out of rock and woods emerge in the desert. 

In these towns and cities, the scavengers or travelers are seeking solitude and peace however at this time the peace is to be disturbed as the source of a historical relic has been unleashed creating an upsurge of movement across the world in search of it. Many claims that the item is full of treasure, many claims that it is a source of power that remains a mystery to them. 

They understand the value of teamwork as four drifters try to get their hands on a mythical stature however this artefacts is not just an artefact as it has a prophecy adjunct to it. They travel to places in the search of truth that is related to the artifact. The adventure lies in the truth. The game is the bringer of harmony, companionship, and a good plot. 

Expert’s opinion: According to a Game reviewer, the game is full of subplots and twists that will give you an innumerous amount of battles with enemy encounters to live for. It is a sweet spot for gamers. 

Tales of the abyss: 

  • Score by Metacritic: 78
  • The genre of the game: RPG, Real-time battle. 

The game starts with the story of a young protagonist who happens to be an aristocrat named luke. He was kidnapped many years ago but succeeded to return to his parents without any memory of the incident. So that he can be protected from such evil that took him away from his family, they confine him in the comfort of his palace so that he doesn’t get caught. 

But Luke makes his way to the outside world and gets associated with the Order of Lorelei and the Oracle Knights who are sworn to the prophecy that is known as the Score. As he had no memories of his past life, along with no training on how to deal with real life, it is upon him to decide who he should trust and who he should leave. The adventure is about finding the truth as well as finding his real self as he struggles to save the world from the evil that lies ahead.

Expert’s opinion: The game is the best that there is when it comes to RPG. It is a slice of life that teaches about life as well as makes one feel the adventure too. 

Breath of fire: dragon quarter: 

  • Score by Metacritic: 78
  • The genre of the game: turn-based RPG. 
27 Best PS2 JRPGs of all time: Click to know More about Them
27 Best PS2 JRPGs of all time: Click to know More about Them

The game is a magical adventure that is embedded with quests the protagonist is you where you are in a world different than yours, a time different than yours as the world is doused in darkness because there is no source of light. It has forced you to become a member of the underground world. 

But you are not purposeless because you have to manipulate your peers to get to your goal. The goal will help you get out of a place that is full of darkness that will engulf you and your peers. The goal is to escape the world of darkness, the labyrinth to get to the world of the living. 

Expert’s opinion: According to gamers’ trend the game offers so much more that you will find yourself playing it again and again. 

Grandia 3: 

  • Score by Metacritic: 77
  • The genre of the game: turn-based RPG. 

The plot starts with the protagonist named Yuki who idolizes the legendary pilot named Schmidt. Like his idol, he comes to realize that he wants to live his life by fighting for things that he thinks is as adventurous as it gets.

He makes his way to the mainland in search of adventure. There he finds Alfina, a Communicator, one of those few left that could speak with the Guardians who could save the world. Her task as a communicator has created resentment in the heart of his brother Emelious who has turned very violent as well as restless. He continues to live with hate. 

Two protagonists, Yuki and Alfina are bright together to contribute to their journey as a whole before the world is destroyed. 

Expert’s opinion: According to Game Informer, the game never ceases to amaze a gamer no matter how many times it is played. 

Other games in the saga: Giardia 3

.hack//infection part 1: 

  • Score by Metacritic: 75
  • The genre of the game: action RPG. 

The story starts with a boy of a fourteen-year-old named Kite who is enticed by his schoolmate, Orca, to participate in an online game called The World. Meanwhile, they continue to play the game, they are lured by a monster from the game. 

This results in making Orca totally unconscious, rather composed by the monster from the game but it happens in the real world. Kite continues to play the game named the world believing that the key to saving his friendlies in the game. 

But as the game continues the character, Kite receives the Book of Twilight. He receives it from a girl who has a mysterious personality. Soon he was turned into a player who is outlawed in the virtual world. What will he do now? The game is very mysterious which asks you to unveil its mysteries.  

Expert’s opinion: According to Game Reviews the game induces more fun than in real life. The friendship that one share in the game feels real. 

Other games in the saga: hack//Mutation Part 2, .hack//Quarantine Part 4

.hack//Outbreak Part 3, 

Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the sacred tome 

  • Score by Metacritic: 77
  • The genre of the game: tactical RPG. 

This game revolves around a single motive that goes wrong. The motive of setting the history right goes terribly different than what Lord Zetta had thought of in his head when the world that he lives in is brought to destruction by his own deeds.

This sets the plot of the game rightly in motion as you have to role-play the character to save the world as your tactics would rule the army so that they can match towards a victory. 

Expert’s opinion: According to Eurogamers, the game is developed in a rich sense which has procured the rich feeling that a tactic lover seeks in his games. The game requires you to be tactical about the steps that keep you to the edge making it exciting and thrilling. 

 Jade cocoon 2 

  • Score by Metacritic: 76
  • The genre of the game: turn-based RPG. 

The game begins with the breaking of the sleeping curse upon a village from the forest minions who cursed to the village under a sleeping curse. The cocoon master dresses the village by purifying the minions. However, the story revolves around a parasite named the. Kahu, one of the other cocoon masters must overcome his fears and must have the four elements of the forest before karma gets his hands on them. 

Kahu seeks the orbs of the cocoon master. This is where the game gets interesting as it is in securing the orbs, the player has to fight many battles, attack enemies, and train monsters to manipulate them to their need. the game is as good as it gets as you continue to get ahead.

Expert’s opinion: According to GamePro, the game is full of elements such as it is funny, intelligent, daring, rewarding that is filled with weird yet memorable characters that will fill your heart.

Dynasty tactics: 

  • Score by Metacritic: 79
  • The genre of the game: Tactical RPG

It is another tactical game that is focused on pure strategies that will help you win the game of thrones in the three kingdoms. Through your strategies and planning, you have to devise your own military so that you can taste the victory. The graphics are very advanced and full of color. Take the smart move to win the battles that would take place. 

Expert’s opinion: According to GamePro, the game is very challenging and will set the pace slowly but will creep into our hearts fast. 


  • Score by Metacritic: 93
  • The genre of the game: turn-based RPG. 

The game is based on Japanese folklore and mythology. The story revolves around the rescue of land from the world of darkness that will take the world to the cosmos of the abyss. The games have many features such as cel-shaded visual which is inspired by sumi-e along with a Celestial Brush which is a gesture-system that helps perform miracles in the game. 

The graphic is up to the point which makes it much more fun and easy, interesting to play. The player will control the character of Okami who will drive the darkness away from the land. The character is endowed with the power of ink that helps him guide the path to victory. 

Expert’s opinion: the game is the best that there is was a remarcation by a gamer. The game was the winner of multiple awards. 

Radiata stories: 

  • Score by Metacritic: 74
  • The genre of the game: action role-playing. 

The game is one of those games that received mixed reviews, nonetheless, the game continues to be one of the thrillings on when it comes to role-playing and action as the game is full of battle. 

The story starts in a place called radiata which has many connections as the place is connected to many other lands via a great bridge. The central place is radiata where each and every character continues to live together peacefully until something comes along the way to stop them. The player will have to choose where he will go, with humanity or darkness?


We have provided you with top ps2 jrpgs from which you can choose to spend your time. The games are engaging, exciting and will keep you on the edge of your seat as each turn will serve you with a mysterious turn that will give you the dose of adventure you are looking for from the comfort of your home.

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