Best Wagers to Focus on to Become a Better Sports Bettor

There are thousands of different sports wagers that a person has the ability to make throughout the course of the day on just a single sportsbook. However, there are some that are more likely to hit than others and today we are going to be discussing just that. We are going to be discussing some individual bets that are available in order to make sure we can cash out with more money than we began with. 

With the NFL regular season getting ready to kick off, make sure to be prepared to make some NFL picks so we can make a little bit of extra dough. Let’s dive into some bets to make.

Under 1.5 Runs in the 1st Inning – MLB

The baseball season is extremely long and there are a lot of good players and pitchers who have the advantage heading into the beginning of the game, having a scouting report and five days typically to prepare for an offense. Looking at the 2021 season, the Boston Red Sox led all of Major League Baseball with 0.72 runs per the first inning of a game. 

It is extremely difficult to score runs in the first inning and this is saying that multiple runs would have to score. Obviously, there are going to be situations where a pitcher is going to struggle but more likely than not will have less than 1.5 runs scored. I like it more than the under 0.5 runs as you are given a slight cushion in case it is needed.

First Scorer/Method of Basket – NBA

These bets are one of the more entertaining as if you understand tendencies and how each basketball team tries to open up their game, it will be a solid bet to make. You are not only wagering on which player is going to score the first basket, but also how it will be scored. Will LeBron James get a layup or will Kevin Durant shoot a mid-range shot to make two points? 

The odds for these are really boosted as the likelihood of getting it correct could be an issue, but there are only so many potential ways that this could really go that will benefit you with typically plus odds to get. This is a lot of fun and you can keep track in multiple games with the fact that you are typically only watching a couple of possessions of a game before knowing if you won your wager or not. 

Anytime TD Scorer – NFL

One of the biggest NFL expert picks is who is scoring touchdowns in the National Football League. Touchdowns are exciting and there are times where this could be incredibly easy to figure out as some skill position players have a nose for the endzone in one way or another. There are quarterbacks that typically have one or two targets inside of the red zone and that will typically help you win a lot of money. 

Having a nose for the end zone will really help as there are weak defenses that struggle to defend the run or have a weak matchup in a wide receiver/cornerback battle to the point where they can find some touchdowns. Guys like wide receivers Mike Evans, Cooper Kupp, and running backs Alvin Kamara and Dalvin Cook will find the end zone more likely than not so that will help your bankroll feel better. 


As we said earlier, the number of bets that a person can make can be a little bit overwhelming as they are able to make hundreds of bets on a single game. Making sure that you know what is available for each and every game, and looking into NFL predictions, is critical to mapping out how you want to attack a specific game. What are some of your favorite wagers to focus on when you log into your sportsbook account?

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