BitLife Achievements List & Guide (2022)

Achievements are unique bonuses for attaining chores in BitLife. Achievements can just be opened one time. They do not need to be attained in one go unless the accomplishment tells them to do so. Some successes take a difficult job while some are susceptible and others are accidental.

As of June 29, 2022, 189 achievements are available to gain in BitLife, divided among 24 distinct sectors of attainments.

BitLife Achievements List– How To Get Them All

1. Prison BitLife Achievements

When you flee from your prison, instigate a riot, appeal and get released, cry once, spend 5 decades or even 75 years in prison, get into the Turkish prison, get your lover pregnant, escape during a riot or achieve clemency – you get a Prison Bitlife achievement.

The Titles Are:

  • Escape artist: In the Bitlife career of “escape artist,” the player attempts to get out of numerous predicaments.
  • Instigator: A Bitlife character who instigates fights or other disputes.
  • Justice: The idea of fairness and morality when making decisions in the Bitlife.
  • Midnight Express: The harsh realities of prison life are alluded to in the phrase “Midnight Express” in Bitlife.
  • Behind bars: A situation in Bitlife where a character is incarcerated or detained.
  • Cry, baby: A Bitlife character who frequently complains or whines is known as Cry, Baby.
  • True life: In the True Life Bitlife mode, the player’s decisions and outcomes closely resemble actual life circumstances.
  • Theseus: A Bitlife challenge in which the player must find their way through a maze and slay a monster.
  • Gangsta: A Bitlife character involved in gang culture or criminal activity.
  • Aftermath: The results and aftereffects of a Bitlife character’s actions.
  • Animating: Creating and producing animations for Bitlife is known as animating.
  • Mercy me: A Bitlife expression for shock or amazement.

2. Royalty BitLife Achievements

Getting into a monarch family, becoming a monarch, ruling 100 years, punishing people, or getting into exile – all these goals will earn you Royalty achievement.

The following are the titles in ascending hierarchy:

  • Executioner: A Bitlife profession in which the player executes prisoners who have been sentenced to death.
  • Marquee: A Bitlife item used to advertise plays, movies, or other entertainment-related events.
  • Monarch: A Bitlife figure who presides over a kingdom or empire with absolute authority.
  • Napolean: A historical figure from Bitlife who became the emperor of France and a military leader.
  • Reign over us: The Bitlife expression “reign over us” describes a person who has total authority or influence over others.

3. Longevity BitLife Achievements

You earn this achievement by Completing a full Bitlife life, living for 100 years or more, and creating generations of over 5000 years.

The Titles Are:

  • Complete a life
  • Octogenarian
  • Nonagenarian
  • Centenarian
  • Supercentenarian
  • Mega centenarian
  • Strone genes
  • Long lineage
  • Living Legacy

4. Wealth BitLife Achievements

Become a millionaire, achievement worth $2-100 million or even $1 billion, and Wealth achievement is yours.

The levels are:

  • Millionaire
  • My second million
  • Multi-millionaire
  • Rich
  • Super rich
  • Stinking rich
  • Billionaire

5. Animal BitLife Achievements

It’s a mixture of stuff that may seem peculiar. You have to rescue a lion, then yell at a leopard, get yourself killed by a hippopotamus, decapitate a gorilla, and then find a unicorn to achieve this.

Live the following levels:

  • Animal Rescue
  • Deaf leopard
  • Gorilla and the fist
  • Hungry hippo
  • Lion tamer
  • Unicorn

6. Career BitLife Achievements

Become an actor, airline captain, monk, doctor, CEO, dentist, doctor, fire chief, flaunt 10 careers in life, become a lawyer, judge, befriend your colleagues, and seduce your boss – and this achievement is yours.

The following levels are available:

  • Actor
  • Airline captain
  • At Inner peace
  • Candy writer
  • CEO
  • Dentist
  • Doctor
  • Fire chief
  • Jack of all trades
  • Judge
  • Last resort
  • Lawyer
  • People person

7. Combat BitLife Achievements

Kill someone, get attacked, and learn martial arts to achieve this royal category, through:

  • Armed and dangerous
  • Medieval attack
  • No grasshopper
  • Sensei san

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8. Acting BitLife Achievements

Live the highs and lows of an actor’s life, enjoy success, and face the failures. Embrace the claps, experience the boos.

  • Deadpan Performance
  • Baby, I’m Bollywood
  • Best in Show
  • Boo! Booo!
  • Co-Star Calmer
  • Por Siempre con Amor
  • Smells like Asscher
  • That’s Showbiz
  • Worse than Bennifer

9. Social Media BitLife Achievements

BitLife Achievements

Get into social media, start posting, earn followers, make it to a million, and get verified – that’s all you need.

  • Social Media
  • Social Media Sharer
  • Social Media Oversharer
  • Social Media Star

10. Fame And Entertainment BitLife Achievements

BitLife Achievements

Watch movies, go to concerts, become a model for a magazine, star in a Korean song – all these will give you Fame and Entertainment achievement.

  • Moviegoer
  • Bitcoin
  • BTS Army
  • Movie Junkie
  • Brightest Star
  • Centerfold
  • Endorser
  • K-Pop

11. Fertility BitLife Achievements

BitLife Achievements

Donate sperm, have 25 to even 100 children, get artificially fertilized by lawyer’s sperm, have triplets, and nurture them in your lifetime.

  • DNA Donor
  • Fabulously Fertile
  • Fertile Myrtle
  • Smart Seed
  • Super Sperm
  • Three’s Company

12. Disease BitLife Achievements

BitLife Achievements

Get addicted, get numerous addictions, get infected with diseases, and get cured by the witch doctor – all for getting Disease achievement.

  • Addicted
  • Bubonic Plague
  • Foam at the Mouth
  • Sickly
  • Successful Rehab
  • Witchcraft

13. Crime BitLife Achievements

BitLife Achievements

Steal packages, rob a Bugatti, loot houses, rob banks, kill people, scare people to death, become a Mafia and rise to the position of its Godfather – and you get all Crime achievements.

  • Balcony Buccaneer
  • Bugatti Bandit
  • Burglar
  • Cold Killer
  • Dillinger
  • Going Anywhere
  • Scare to Death
  • Serial Killer
  • Cosa Nostra
  • Godfather
  • Rat Spotter
  • The Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is BitLife Okay For 12-year-Olds?

The game contains illicit content. It displays the use of drugs and scenes of sex, though maybe not in a crude manner. Still, users’ discretion should be maintained. Though kids of 12 years do know the basics of such knowledge, they aren’t that mature to tackle a proper visual interpretation. So Recommended is to keep them aloof.

2. What Is The Best Way To Earn Money In BitLife?

There are several ways to do so. You can become a famous personality, marry a rich partner and become heir to an inherent property, get into the real estate business and rule it, gamble your luck and make tons of money.

3. How Do You Become President In BitLife?

To race for President, one will expect to commence a fresh being in the United States while guaranteeing the presence of reasonable numbers on smarts and glances. It is implied to pursue Political Science in education to enhance the chances. After this, attending a Business or Law school will furthermore assist to accomplish their purpose.

One must be convinced that they start earning some wealth during this duration. Because they will require it for their themes. Contemplate coming to be a lawyer or get into the School Board of Directors. One can also get on for several political roles to get some knowledge and also develop a reasonable percentage of wealth.

4. What Does Discipline Mean In Bitlife

Discipline is a private measure in Bitlife that governs how effortlessly personalities can resist getting an increasing obsession and how well they accomplish in school and endeavors. Identities with low discipline are additionally liable to attain new addictions and will be greatly apt to do worse in school and endeavors.

But, personalities with increased discipline will do adequately well in school and job and will have an elevated likelihood of not earning new obsessions. Also, it will be unreasonable to gain drastic disorders and reap STDs such as HIV incidents.

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