Call of Duty 2020 Leaked Under The Name Red Door And With An Upcoming Beta For Consoles

New details about the upcoming Call of Duty have been leaked through the PlayStation and Xbox stores.

Activision continues to keep everything related to Call of Duty 2020 a secret. It is a mystery that Treyarch is dealing with for its new episode of the saga.

Months ago it was leaked that the details pointed to a complete review of Black Ops, in the same way, that Infinity Ward has done with Modern Warfare. However, the latest leaks in the Xbox store have left new clues to the following title.

The option to Redeem Code appears on the Xbox page, leaving the door open never better said to a possible beta

Through the digital store of the Microsoft platform, The Red Door has appeared, a code name that Call of Duty 2020 would have received. ‘There is more than one truth.

If you are looking for answers, be prepared to question everything and accept that nothing is going to be like before. The Red Door awaits you. Do you dare to go into it? ‘Says the product description.

To this, we must also add two important details. The first of this is the weight of the game, occupying a total of 81.65 GB, so we are talking about a space on the hard drive that is common for games in the series.

On the other hand, and perhaps the most anticipated data, it seems that we will soon be ready to test Call of Duty 2020. In the Microsoft store itself, as highlighted by Reddit, the option ‘Redeem Code’ appears, generally associated with the betas of the franchise (or any other title) or the purchase of the same.

Microsoft’s event with Xbox Series X as the protagonist on July 23 or the next by PlayStation 5 and Sony in August could scatter new details on what Activision is up to with the franchise.

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