‘Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 10’ New Weapon And Map Is Coming!

Along with the confirmation of Terminal, iconic Modern Warfare 2 map, more elements are being prepared for the next cycle

Currently, in its ninth season, it’s hard to measure the success of Call of Duty: Mobile. The mobile adaptation of the popular Activision franchise has been one of the most successful in recent years, so that, even being below PUBG Mobile in terms of revenue, it continues to be a clear financial pillar for the company.

For this reason, the team is always thinking about how they can extend the video game proposal, which is why, taking into account that it is fast approaching, they are already beginning to disseminate notions of what will come with Season 10.

‘Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 10’ New Weapon And Map Is Coming!
‘Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 10’ New Weapon And Map Is Coming!

And, as Dexerto reports, there are two specific items that stand out above any other item: a new weapon and a new map. In this sense, the developers of the work have shared more information about the future of the same with Reddit, where they confirmed, first, that said unpublished weaponry is a shotgun,” a probably very powerful one “, about which we will discover new details early next week.

As for the new location, along with the confirmed presence of maps such as Terminal, the company flirted with the inclusion of Pine, also from the Modern Warfare sub- saga. ” There is certainly a map called Pine that exists in the Call of Duty universe – wink emoji – but stays tuned this weekend for updates on the other multiplayer map coming in Season 10 “, they added.

So we’re just days away from discovering the identity behind these unreleased inclusions to Call of Duty: Mobile, which continues to be found for free on iOS and Android.

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