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Call Of Duty Warzone: Every Teaser Breakdown




A new season in a battle royale is always a joy and, in the case of  Call of Duty Warzone, season 5 can bring a lot of news. But before giving the starting gun, some teasers full of unknowns have commenced being released. It seems to indicate that season 5 will start on August 5, although Infinity Ward has not confirmed it still.

Several YouTubers have received some teasers from Activision and all are closely related to Call of Duty Warzone season 5. Therefore, here we have decided to bring everyone together to try to show you what their content is and what they mean.

Nickmercs season 5 teaser

The popular Twitch streamer posted a video showing a helicopter flying past from a Verdansk train security camera. However, this recording hides something else, since the time and date of the event were seen in the footage: 10:46 am on August 5.

Call Of Duty Warzone: Every Teaser Breakdown
Call Of Duty Warzone: Every Teaser Breakdown

Keep season 5 teaser

The Call of Duty champion also released a teaser in the form of, nothing more and nothing less than a letter. The sender? The Shadow Company, organization that we could already see in Modern Warfare 2 and that could now return to the saga. Also, the video he showed appears to show an explosion inside the map.

Jackfrags season 5 teaser

In the video that the YouTuber could publish, the effects of that supposed explosion are seen again. But, a full report cannot be obtained. Several fans led to finding out that these cameras are located in the stadium, in the section of the 5G map, the peculiar building that could not be accessed, although many players have tried to do so.

It is clear that more and more data is coming to light. Everything seems to be related to a nuclear explosion and the stadium is again to talk about. There is very little left to know what will bring the players of Call of Duty Warzone. To liven up the wait, don’t miss our guide to the best Call of Duty Warzone no-recoil weapons.

Nintendo inquirer” will provide further updates when more information is available.


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