‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ New Summer Games Update Announced

Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare season 5 arrived, today Activision has given more details of the great update that will arrive tomorrow for these video games, showing more of the content of the so-called Season 5 Reloaded. This has the biggest update to arrive during Season 5 and incorporates such surprising news as a competition for countries at an international level.

Below you can see the news that has been made public for the great Season 5 Reloaded update of Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare.

Summer Games

Firstly, in the Call of Duty franchise, association members from the entire world will be able to assist their country in easy-to-learn single-player Trials.

In the Summer Games, there will be 5 Trials or tests. They will be available in Modern Warfare and Warzone from August 28 at 7 p.m. until September 7.

Summer Games participants will receive rewards based on their performance in each event, which is accumulated, so if a player gets the gold, they will receive the silver and bronze rewards at the same time.

‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ New Summer Games Update Announced
‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ New Summer Games Update Announced

Beyond this, individual medals give points to each player’s country. The points of each country will be updated daily and the top 15 countries will be visible in the rankings.

More content for Warzone

Warzone will receive new content, including a tournament and a game mode. The new game mode, called Kingslayer, is a large-scale variant of Team Deathmatch in Battle Royale in which teams fight to score points by defeating enemies.

Alongside that is a new Gunfight tournament where map knowledge, skill, and coordination will be put to the test.

This contest will be available from August 28 to September 2.

More content for Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare also receives more content, including a new operator and a variant for the Ground War game mode.

Ground War receives a variant in which three flags are positioned near the center of the map. IF you die, you go into spectator mode and won’t be able to respawn until your teammates secure a new flag. Conquer all three flags and you will automatically win the round.

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