Call Of Duty Warzone Season 5: This Is The Best Assault Rifle

The new AN 94 is hitting hard right out of the box. This newcomer to Call of Duty Warzone weapon is an assault rifle with enormous potential and has been proving it since the beginning of Season 5.

With this weapon, you can get a near-perfect recoil making hardly a single bullet deflect. Coupled with these great statistics in this field, the damage, and range of the AN 94 remains at very high values ​​that favor a very interesting medium-distance combat.

Regarding mobility and control, these are the aspects in which the weapon could limp the most, but not too much since despite being an assault rifle, its stats are not negligible at all. With a high rate of fire, a magazine with a good number of rounds should extend its lethality. We leave you his best loadout discovered to date.

  • Monolithic silencer
  • Command front grip
  • Grainy rear grip
  • 45-round magazine
  • Factory X 438mm cannon

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