‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ Where To Find Intel Items For Missions

A new list of challenges arrives to find in Call of Duty Warzone and with it a new mission to the game. This time it is a call New Perspectives. What you should do is find some intel, a series of objects located in different places on the map.

Remember that you can only get one intel object per game, so when you find one, if you want to continue with the others you will have to finish the game and start a new one. In addition, the battle pass is required in this new season to be able to participate in these missions.

  • First intel: It is called “Find the location in the message sent by Ghost”. To do this, go to the Military Base in the north of the map and at the top of the walls, in the west, find a small coin located by those walls.
  • Second intel: “Start the search for the UAV”. It is simple, because next to the Military Base, in the watchtower that there is, look for a piece of paper that is on the ground.
‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ Where To Find Intel Items For Missions
‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ Where To Find Intel Items For Missions
  • Third intel: “The UAV was controlled from the airport.” You will need to search for a location in the central part of the map, but near the airport. To the east, enter one of the booths that you will see and in the background, there is a folder with papers that is where the intel should be.
  • Fourth intel: “The downed UAV was under repair.” Near the train station and next to Boneyard, in the west of the map. In the southeast, at the corner of the map and right next to the downed plane, there is a hangar and the intel will be on a laptop on its side.
  • Fifth intel: “A damaged image could serve to obtain a clearer image”. To finish the New Perspectives mission, go to Downtown and when you enter the building and go past the information office, on the desk there will be the final intel next to the monitor of a computer.

And with it, the New Perspectives mission would be completed.

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