How To Assault Best Friend In Bitlife?

How To Assault Your Best Friend In BitLife

Another week, another BitLife challenge. Each week, a tonne of fresh chores are added to CandyWriter’s digital sim, and players who finish them are rewarded. We’re going a little raunchy this week. This week’s challenge is based on the extremely well-liked TV show Euphoria. A highly well-liked HBO show about living and growing up in … Read more

How To Become King In Bitlife?

How to become king in bitlife

A member of the royal family may be your character’s birth family. If you want your character to rule as king, they must be born into a royal family. You’ll have to either get them married into the royal family or start over with a new character if they happen to be born an earl, … Read more

How To Become A Judge In Bitlife?

How To Become A Judge In Bitlife?

You’ll need to put in a lot of studies and legal work to become a judge in BitLife if you want to control the legal system with an iron grip. You must become a Judge in order to accomplish all of the game’s achievements, therefore if you wish to check off another item, make sure … Read more

How To Become A Famous Author On Bitlife?

How to become a famous author on bitlife

If you ever want to become a writer in Bitlife, it’s possible in the game, but you can also become famous for writing. That said, here’s everything you need to do to become a famous writer in Bitlife. How To Become A Famous Author On Bitlife? To become a famous writer in Bitlife, you will … Read more

How To Find A Unicorn In BitLife?

How To Find A Unicorn In BitLife

In BitLife, growing older and hoping that the encounter will happen by chance are the best ways to find unicorns. When you get older, you will come across several animals. There’s a chance you’ll run into a unicorn. This doesn’t always happen, but it occasionally does throughout a person’s life. In BitLife, obtaining a unicorn … Read more

What Is The Highest Paying Job In Bit Llife?

What Is The Highest Paying Job In Bit Life

The entertainment sector employs the most people and has the greatest salaries in BitLife. So, if you want to earn a lot of money, you might opt to become well-known as a leading actor or music star. Make sure to learn how to become a singer or a movie star right here since popularity brings … Read more

BitLife Achievements List & Guide (2022)

BitLife Achievements

Achievements are unique bonuses for attaining chores in BitLife. Achievements can just be opened one time. They do not need to be attained in one go unless the accomplishment tells them to do so. Some successes take a difficult job while some are susceptible and others are accidental. As of June 29, 2022, 189 achievements … Read more

How To Escape Prison In Bitlife?

How to escape prison in bitlife

Bitlife contains everything the real world offers in a portable electronic device. There is nothing you cannot do in the game, from rising to fame as a YouTuber to getting your ranch. The game also features jails if you choose to take the wrong route and go wild committing crimes. In Bitlife, there are maximum … Read more

How To Get Smarter In Bitlife?

How To Get Smarter In Bitlife

Players may create the life of their desires in the text-based game BitLife. Players may genuinely pursue whatever kind of life they desire, whether it’s to be a music star, actress, or exorcist. But various life paths call for various data. Each player in BitLife has four stats: happiness, health, intelligence, and looks. How To … Read more

How To Get Out Of Debt In A BitLife?

How to get out of debt in a BitLife

Too much-unplanned spending of funds can get you in debt in BitLife. And after that, it must be repaid. You can get into a job with a good salary profile, and start repaying all debts slowly. Or else, you can sell all your assets, settle all debts and rebuild them again. Different Types Of Loans … Read more