COD Black Ops Cold War Adds Ping System, FOV Slider, and HUD Options

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War gives players more options by implementing a ping system, FOV slider, and more HUD customization. The games multiplayer is one of its focal points, going so far as to fight with Battlefield via large-scale conflicts. The game will also show cross-gen and cross-play content through its Zombies multiplayer mode, enabling its vast community to interrelate on more levels.

Black Ops Cold War’s beta also begins this weekend for PlayStation 4 users, with those who have pre-ordered the game can participate earlier tomorrow, October 8. Gamers who did not pre-order the game can perform the beta on PS4 starting October 10. PC and Xbox One players will be able to complete the beta next weekend, alongside PS4 participants who miss this weekend’s opportunity.

In continuation to promote the game’s multiplayer enhancements, Treyarch Studios has revealed Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will show a ping system, FOV slider, and HUD options. Players will be able to mark locations on their map for other teammates to direct with objectives, enemies, and more, borrowing one of the most significant innovations of Apex Legends in all multiplayer modes. The FOV slider, instead of having been available in COD games only on PC in the past, will be single on all platforms. Players will be able to toggle various HUD options, involving the compass, crosshairs, player names, button hints, and more finally.

Black Ops Cold War has been the talk of the COD community for so many months, even before it was announced officially. Multiplayer is set to be an essential part of the game as with most popular first-person shooters, and while the ping system, FOV slider, and expanded HUD options are advantageous. One of the most important yet low assets of Black Ops Cold War is the campaign tie-up with 2019’s battle royale Call of Duty: Warzone. After some of the backlashes received due to the decision to remove a campaign mode from Black Ops 4, the game mode’s return to the subseries is a welcome move from Treyarch.

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