‘COD: Warfare’ FAMAS That Kills In One Shot

Recently it was discovered that the FR 5.56 with the shotgun attachment can instantly take down an enemy up to 15 meters away

Considering the number of variables involved in the video game, it’s no surprise that Infinity Ward and Activision must constantly be checking out what’s going on in the immediate vicinity of Call of Duty: Warzone. There are so many possible combinations in so many respects that it is normal that it is necessary to run balances regularly to allow the game to be as balanced as possible.

However, it is also common for certain details to leak from the developers’ vision, but the latest slip-up is truly devastating within Verdansk.

Specifically, as can be viewed in the video of the previously linked tweet, the FAMAS shotgun accessory has been pronounced to allow instant takedowns with a single shot.

‘COD: Warfare’ FAMAS That Kills In One Shot
‘COD: Warfare’ FAMAS That Kills In One Shot

As reported by Dexerto (the world’s largest esports and influencer news site), this loadout allows you to kill enemies with a single shot at distances up to 15 meters, even if the adversary in question has his life bar at maximum and all his plates in position. Thus, in the last few hours, its use has become popular so that the community has begun to report a rapid change.

To this, Infinity Ward has already responded, stating the following: ” We have identified an issue with FR 5.56 and are currently working on a fix. We will update this article as new details become known. A lot of thanks for your patience .”

Consequently, Call of Duty: Warzone players will immediately available to launch themselves within Verdansk without the trouble of being shot down so quickly.

For further updates on ‘ FAMAS shotgun (FR 5.56) ‘  stay tuned and keep reading Nintendo inquirer”.

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