Cuphead Will Have A Free Update On Xbox One

Cuphead is on everyone’s lips with its arrival on PS4, but Xbox One users also have reason to rejoice with certain news. A free update of the Microsoft Console has been announced. This is all it will include.

Although Cuphead has been with us for a few years, the friendly and difficult title has become a trend again. The arrival of this fantastic work on PS4 has once again put the focus on its great design and simple, but demanding gameplay.

Xbox One received the game since its launch and therefore, its developers have also wanted to offer extra support to the community that saw them grow from the beginning. Therefore, a new free update for the Microsoft console has been announced.

Cuphead Will Have A Free Update On Xbox One
Cuphead Will Have A Free Update On Xbox One

This update will bring a playable soundtrack, art gallery, developer feedback, and more. At the moment, no more data has been released, so it is not clear if it will also reach other platforms. Studio MDHR has commented on all these details. They said:

So, to celebrate the wonderful gamers who believed in us from the start, we’re also making another announcement – we ‘re bringing a free special update for Cuphead fans on Xbox, which will add a digital art gallery, behind the scenes features of comments and playable soundtrack for the game.

This update is still in the early stages of planning, and we’ll take the time to get it right, but we’ll make sure to share more when we have something for you that meets the level of care and quality we’re always looking for.

If you want to know everything about the arrival of Cuphead on PS4, do not forget to check the original news with this great revelation. Of course, fans of the game are looking forward to more details on the animated series Netflix is ​​preparing, The Cuphead Show.

Nintendo inquirer” will provide further updates when more information is available.

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