Demon Soul’s Remake Always Sought To Be A PS5 Launch Title

Demon’s Souls Remake is one of the most anticipated titles on PS5, which after many rumors was confirmed weeks ago. However, it was then that it was assumed that the Bluepoint Games project was one that was going on for a long time, although in recent hours the possibility that we can enjoy it even during the arrival of the console itself has begun to gain strength.

Demon’s Souls Remake as a PS5 Launch Title

Now, to the list of Korea that has made us think about its launch during the end of 2020, we must add the following comments from the renowned Imran Khan:

As we can see, Imran Khan points out that at Bluepoint Games they were always working to ensure that Demon’s Souls Remake was a title that landed with the launch of PS5 or that, at least, was within the framework of its arrival.

Demon Soul’s Remake Always Sought To Be A PS5 Launch Title
Demon Soul’s Remake Always Sought To Be A PS5 Launch Title

In case there is doubt, we will remember that in the past Khan has nailed the development of games such as the title of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League that we will see this weekend in DC Fandom.

However, we must not forget that a few days ago the rumor began that PS5 had another launch title beyond Spider-Man: Miles Morales, although the logical thing was to think that it was going to be a video game yet to be announced.

Despite, in view of all that has been reported about Demon’s Souls Remake, we should not rule out that said second launch title was about the modern recovery of this already classic in the sector.

Finally, it was possible to see the one that was the first television commercial to promote PS5.

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