Pokémon has been around for decades and has become incredibly popular.

The basic business that was founded by one individual in Japan in the early 1990s has gained worldwide recognition.

Pokémon is available in every store and everywhere from trading cards to clothing.

Nintendo owns a portion of the Pokemon name collectively.

The official owner and operator of the Pokémon brand and license is the “Pokémon Company.

” It is made up of the following three companies: Nintendo, Creatures, and Game Freak. Each of them is in charge of a particular division of The Pokémon Company.

Varying Names, Identical Hands

Nintendo is not the only proprietor of Pokémon, as was already revealed.

Nintendo and its affiliated businesses formed The Pokémon Center Company in 1998.

It was initially designed to be able to manage all of the stores abroad.

The Pokémon Center Company later evolved into The Pokémon Company and widened its scope of operations.

They continue to run every store in every country, and they also look after all matters Pokémon-related.

Let’s examine the specific activities of the company and its affiliated businesses.

In The Beginning

After creating Pocket Monsters (the original name of Pokémon), Satoshi Tajiri tried to pitch the idea to Nintendo but was rejected.

They tried again after making some adjustments and giving Shigeru Miyamoto (the creator of Super Mario & Zelda) the opportunity to introduce the idea.

Nintendo made a wise choice when it finally decided to take on the project that would come to be known as Pokémon.

One of the most successful video game franchises is Pokémon. The video game is estimated to be worth around 90 billion dollars.

 Around the late 1990s, the card game Pokémon was developed.

The cards themselves had previously been made, however, they were made for the game at that time rather than simultaneously.

Following then, the game gained popularity on both the card and video platforms.

The Pokémon Company –Companies That Make It Up


Each of the three entities that make up The Pokémon Company is in charge of a distinct department.

The Pokémon Company was established in the early 2000s and was comprised of Nintendo, Creatures, and Game Freak.

Most people are surprised to learn that Nintendo is not the only owner of Pokémon.

The brand, the licence, and the game publishing are all handled by The Pokémon Company. Additionally, they run every shop that sells the well-known products you enjoy.

The companies that make up The Pokémon Company are reportedly evenly split, despite having rights to the Pokémon brand. Finding out how much stock each person owns in the company is difficult.

Each entity reportedly controls 33 percent of The Pokémon Company.

Nintendo already has a small stake in Creatures, so it’s likely that their technical contribution will give them the majority of the company.

The Pokémon Company manufactures a wide range of goods, including:

  •       blankets trading card game
  •       Home furnishings (lights, rugs, and other items for the bedroom)
  •       kitchen utensils
  •       Plush animals
  •       game consoles
  •       And a lot more



Let’s start with Creatures, the less well-known component of The Pokémon Company. Creatures, formerly known as Ape Nintendo Inc., was established in late 1995.

Some of the Pokémon video games are made by the gaming studio Creatures. They also manage The Pokémon Company’s card games and accessories.

Numerous different games have been created by Creatures for the Pokémon franchise. They also possess

  •       created packaging, logos, and 3D computer graphics.
  •       created and produced Pokémon toys and products
  •       developed the Pokémon trading card scheme and design.
  •       produced books and magazines
  •       and a few other games unrelated to Pokémon

In contrast to video games, they create and collaborate on several Pokémon-related games for the Pokémon brand. Along with other things, they assist with trading card games.

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Game Freak

Game Freak

Despite being a lesser-known business, Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of the aforementioned Pokémon, started Game Freak in the late 1980s.

They are a well-known game developer who has created over 50 games, many of which are well-liked. Yoshi, Drill Dozer, and numerous Pokémon games were created by them.

Their games are available on numerous platforms, including:

  •       3DS
  •       3DSE
  •       Android
  •       IPAD
  •       iPhone
  •       Nintendo Switch
  •       PC
  •       PlayStation 4
  •       XBOX ONE

 Each game in the Pokémon series is created by Game Freak, with whom it also collaborates.

They work well with Nintendo to create practically all Pokémon video games. from game software development, strategy, and sales.



Let’s examine the most well-known and well-liked corporation, Nintendo, last and certainly not least.

They possess an entire range of video games in addition to being part owners of Pokémon. Frequently, they were responsible for a variety of different institutions and gaming platforms, including:


  •       Mario Club Company
  •       1-Up Studio Inc.
  •       Monolith Software Inc.
  •       Nintendo Sales
  •       Many Sega Games
  •       WII
  •       Super Nintendo
  •       Game Cube
  •       Nintendo 64
  •       Nintendo switch


The majority of the items on the list are well-known, although the Nintendo name is attached to a lot more businesses, organizations, gaming platforms, and series.

The list is set to expand further given that outstanding video games have been created by the Japanese company from its founding in 1889.

According to rumors, Nintendo has equity in Creatures and Game Freaks.

Since Nintendo is a member of The Pokémon Company and is rumored to possess shares in each of its partner businesses, they would unquestionably have the deciding vote on any issues that might arise.

It is challenging to determine online how much shares each firm has that Nintendo owns.

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How Do Other Companies Produce Pokémon Products?


Similar to many major brands, the product’s licensing rights are available for purchase.

Disney, for instance, permits businesses and even private individuals to purchase licenses to use the company name, films, phrases, and everything in between. Pokémon is no exception.

Other businesses that purchase the license rights to do so maintain and manage various components of the Pokémon brand.

For instance, Pokémon Go is not owned by The Pokémon Company.

The company behind Pokémon Go is Niantic.

Nintendo does, however, own a modest stake in the Niantic company.

Pokémon clones are created by some businesses. Instead of purchasing or owning any rights to the license, they produced items that are reminiscent of Pokémon.

Without breaking any licensing laws, Bakugan and Yu-Gi-OH are quite comparable to Pokémon.

Everyone recognizes a good idea and desires a piece of it, just like any well-known game or commodity.

Companies have been trying to create items that are as similar to successful products as possible for decades.

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