EA UFC 4: Extreme Fight Analysis For PS4 And Xbox One

The analysis of UFC 4 for PS4 and Xbox One confronts us with the best MMA fighters in the world, with realistic simulation, a deep career mode, and all the spectacle of extreme fighting.

Last Saturday we witnessed a new record at UFC Las Vegas 6. Derrick Lewis the black one beast achieved his victory by KO number 11 on the Ultimate Fighting Championship circuit the most important MMA championship in the world. But the time has come for us to put that record to the test, playing with UFC 4, the official simulator, which comes to PS4 and Xbox One with the most important news.

Since EA Sports acquired the official license of the UFC (previously in the hands of THQ), the simulator has been capturing not only the details and information of what was happening inside the octagon the ring, for the laymen in mixed martial arts but has been adding external aspects, which are part of the show.

The 2020 edition appears very careful, and full of options for the more and more fans and audience of this combat sport whose evenings have continued to be celebrated under special conditions despite the coronavirus outbreak that has put other sports on hold Put on your mitts because it’s time to see what UFC 4 has to offer.

Coach Davis welcomes us in his gym because this story, like that of MMA fighters, is forged from below. We create our fighter, and we not only give him a look and a technique to unfold in the Octagon, but we also give him a story. Dana White, the president of the UFC has made sure that the story of each fighter is part of the show statements, weigh-ins, training. and the Electronic Arts game does a commendable job so that everything is there.

From the first minute, we have the feeling of having become a true contender better leave being Connor McGregor for later and we have to go through the same as anyone to reach the title.

The editor is simple. It allows us to choose the technique between kickboxing, boxing, balanced. and appearance body, face, hair, tattoos, and equipment with a good handful of possibilities, but far from other sports simulators. However, here we have come to fight, not to entertain ourselves in the mirror, right?

EA UFC 4: Extreme Fight Analysis For PS4 And Xbox One
EA UFC 4: Extreme Fight Analysis For PS4 And Xbox One

UFC 4: How To Fight?

The control system is complex but reflects the full range of strokes available. This is not a boxing game, but we have to control arms and legs equally, high and low defenses. our position in the ring, and also holds and transitions. The way UFC 4 handles such an ambitious range of punches requires some training. The left stick determines the position of the fighter, the right stick the inclination of the body, the defenses in L2 and R2, and the hooks, direct, jabs, uppercut, kicks. The launched with combinations of buttons. It must be borne in mind that some of these blows also vary depending on the foot that we have in advance.

This delivery also includes the possibility of determining with what force we release each blow, depending on whether we make a quick press or keep the button pressed for a moment. These dynamic punches are coupled with a simplified system of closings when we grab the opponent, especially if we play with a brawler takedowns with a wrestler and submissions. They allow you to perform all the hits without the complexity of other deliveries UFC 3 combos were much more difficult to perform. In general, it is a very complete system, which achieves a good simulation of the MMA fight without being so demanding. In any case, the exchange of blows is much more satisfactory than fighting on the ground.

Each of the blows we throw consumes resistance, and if we manage to hit our opponent, they will subtract energy from the different parts of the body with their corresponding bars In our case, the more we receive, in addition to seeing how the bars go down, we have a series of visual and audible indicators that indicate that the KO is approaching. It is also a good way to simulate the effect of “charging” in real combat.

These matches may be brutal, but we have found ourselves pressing the buttons furiously in the middle of a ground and pound trying to knock out our opponent mercilessly, the feeling is as visceral as watching the broadcasts with clenched fists

Career Mode For The Fighter

With each training and each fight, our statistics will improve, which in turn shapes our way of fighting. If we manage to place more direct, they will be more and more powerful, or if we specialize in the prey, it will be increasingly difficult for an opponent to defeat us on the ground. The hits level up automatically, but the evolution system is very deep; and it also allows us to invest the points in general attributes precision, strength, speed. within the different combat styles. The last aspect in which progress is reflected is in the possibility of learning new combinations and accumulating special advantages, which help us on the Octagon.

In addition to experience, career mode emphasizes social aspects. The management part in UFC 4 is simple but effective. Once we have agreed to our next fight, we have to spend our time training, interacting with other fighters, or promoting. And you have to do it in a balanced way to get in good shape and ensure a good bag. As we have been commenting throughout the analysis, it is about becoming a star, not just about fighting well.

We can even unleash rivalries and friendships with other fighters through interactions on social networks, or by accepting their proposals to fight. This is important. because later we can invite them to our gym and use them as sparring to learn their techniques. Another way is to watch videos of your previous matches

The only thing that seems to be in the background is the economic aspect. You cannot negotiate rates, nor the percentage that our gym takes or receive offers from other gyms and change coach. It is more about accepting promotions and winning fights to get a bigger bag.

The interface in the career mode is very careful, and there are some details (such as the vertically recorded videos that fans upload to social networks, the connections with ESPN, the images of the preview that make us feel like in a sports broadcast. Of course, the fights in a parking lot for the amateur will give way to different divisions of the professional MMA circuit, such as the WFA, DWCS, and finally, the UFC, and the level of entertainment will also grow.

As for the rest of the modes, we have fast combat (with the characters created by us or with the stars of the UFC with different rules, the possibility of organizing our own tournaments, or competing with other fighters through online mode.

The Combat show:

As heir to the boxing games of the Fight Night saga, which were a reference with the arrival of PS3 and Xbox 360, UFC 4 also shines in the models of the fighters. Both the body and the face are very realistic, and you can clearly see the bruises that appear on the body, the drops of sweat running down the face, or jumping after a blow and a wide range of animations. It is a game that has everything to satisfy fans of this sport, and that includes the possibility of playing in on-demand tournaments, even in new scenarios such as the patio or Kumite which makes it a kind of Mortal Kombat

The resemblance of the McGregors, Rousey, St Pierre, or Masvidal is incredible, as well as their most characteristic movements both in the middle of the fight and when entering the octagon or celebrating a victory. Bruce Lee makes a stellar appearance again as downloadable content.

It may not be too noticeable a jump from the previous game, but UFC 3 was already at a great level. When compared, the differences with that one lie in the disappearance of the Ultimate Team mode yes, with cards, like FIFA and that now the rating of the fighters with stars, instead of numerical values for their different attributes, is more understandable.

It is a game that has everything to satisfy fans of this sport, and that includes the possibility of playing in on-demand tournaments, even in new scenarios such as the patio or Kumite which makes it a kind of Mortal Kombat.

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