Editing Your Captured Gameplay Videos for a More Polished Look

The gaming industry is massive and reports state that in 2025 it will gain over $260 billion in revenue. So, it’s no surprise that many people have created gaming YouTube channels to get in on the action.

For your gameplay videos to stand out from the thousands of footage on YouTube, you must edit your content to give it a more polished look. Editing your gameplay videos allows you to add an extra flair to your footage and attract a wider audience. Find out how to make professional gaming videos for your channel in this post!

Why Edit Your Gameplay Videos?

The reason millions of people around the world have started a gaming channel is that they make money while doing what they love. Tyler Blevins is one of the highest-paid YouTube gamers, with annual revenue of $17 million.


But to be a successful YouTube gamer, you can’t have a run-of-the-mill channel. You must have the right equipment, editing software and an entertaining personality. Besides earning money, here are other benefits you can experience by editing your videos:

  • You’ll learn a valuable new skill
  • By editing videos, your footage will look more professional and attract more viewers
  • You can add unique styles to make your videos stand out
  • There are effects such as subtitles, music, and transitions you can add
  • You can add animations or sound effects for comedic effect

Gaming Video Capture Types and the Editing They Require

There are various types of gaming videos on YouTube. Each type of footage may need specific video editing techniques. To assist you, we’ve listed some gaming types and some basic editing tips for each.

Breaking Records

Games such as sports or first-person shooters allow players to earn a score to show their level of skill. A popular type of gameplay is reaching the highest score you can and then playing again to beat that score. To make these games entertaining, add dialogue and subtitles, so people can watch the video with or without sound. Change the contrast and saturation on your videos to create bright, vivid colors.


Walk-throughs are gaming tutorials. In this type of gameplay, you’ll show your audience how to:

  • Find secret passages
  • Get a higher score
  • Complete a level
  • Find hidden items
  • Clock the game with a higher score

When editing, you should avoid cutting the clips or removing footage. You may delete crucial parts of the game, and it will confuse your viewers. Instead, improve the audio, lighting, and angle of your cameras. You can also add subtitles to these types of games.


In 2021, over 10,000 games were released which include, Nintendo, PC, and Xbox games. Most players look at reviews of games before buying them. With that being said, you can make decent money reviewing new games.

Gameplay reviews require more creativity when it comes to editing. You don’t want your videos to be too long. Ideally, you want to give your audience information such as:

  • How the controls work
  • If the controls are easy to operate
  • The quality of the graphics
  • If any extras come with the game, such as virtual products

Cut out details that may bore your audience to make your videos shorter and more engaging. You can add music, subtitles, and interesting transitions as you’re playing each level.

Editing Gameplay Videos to Make Them More Polished

There are several ways you can edit your captured game footage. For example, you can cut out unnecessary parts or remove background noise. You can even apply filters to enhance the overall appearance of your video. In this section, we’ve provided tips on how to create polished footage for your YouTube gaming channel.

Set Up the Camera

The camera setup will depend on what device you’re playing on. If you’re playing PC games, then you’ll need to set your camera up in a way that it will capture you playing and another camera to capture your screen.

On the other hand, if you’re playing games on a Nintendo Switch, then you have onboard screen recording operations. To record gameplay footage, simply press the “Capture Button” on the left of the joystick. You can then edit your footage after playing.

Set Up the Audio

If you want to talk during your gameplay, you’ll need a pair of headphones and a microphone to add audio to your gameplay. Headphones will eliminate background noise and your audience will hear you clearly over the music and sound effects of the game.

Improve Your Lighting

Your viewers may stop watching your video if they can’t see the footage. You must improve the lightning on your screen so that it’s not too bright or dark for your viewers. Additionally, if you want to appear in the frame, add a mini ring light to your desk, so people can see your face.

Capture Your Game

Once you have your camera angles, lighting, and audio set up, it’s time to start recording. Most gamers use screen recorders because it allows viewers to see the actual movements and playability of the game. You can either do a live stream or a pre-recording, so you can edit your video before uploading it.

Add the Green Screen Effect

To make your videos more captivating, learn how to use the green screen effect. You can add interesting backgrounds while you play. This works well if you don’t have the ideal gaming setup, and you want to add visual appeal while you’re sitting and playing.

With your green screen effects, you can add animations, motions, colors, or your logo to your background. You can also feature screens from other players if you’re gaming with your friends.

Choose the Right Video Editing Software

After you’ve recorded your video, use high-quality video editing software to clean up your footage. Here are tips to help you polish your gameplay videos:

  • Cut out unnecessary footage, such as accidents while playing or if you get confused on a level.
  • Eliminate background noise that crept into your audio.
  • Add subtitles in various languages, so people can watch your gameplay without sound.
  • Add filters to enhance the colors of specific levels.
  • Use transitions when changing between levels.
  • Sound effects can make the gameplay more interesting.
  • Shorten clips to make a trailer for your social media platforms.

Editing allows you to create footage that’s appealing to your target audience. Similar to filmmakers, your editing style can become part of your brand. So, spend more time polishing your videos and developing a unique style that sets you apart from other gaming channels.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are several ways you can spruce up your gaming videos to make them more appealing and attractive. But you’ll need the correct setup, hardware and software. To be successful, ensure you have a balance between gaming and your personal life.

Use the tips in this article to assist you, so you can attract more viewers and become a high-paid gamer on YouTube.

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