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Fall Guys: New Patch With Game Improvements Released




Mediatonic releases a new Fall Guys patch with several major fixes. And they confirm that they nerfed the yellow team. Don’t you believe it?

Mediatonic has just released a new patch for Fall Guys, “HOTFIX 2”, which fixes various bugs and bugs in the Internet’s favorite game, such as the ability to change controls and sensitivity on PS4 and improved performance.

It does, by the way, just a few days before its season second is announced. What new minigames, collaborations, and surprises will there be? We will know the night of Thursday, August 27.

These are all the changes introduced with the patch:

Fall Guys: New Patch With Game Improvements Released
Fall Guys: New Patch With Game Improvements Released

  • The game selection algorithm is changed to choose a team event only if the size of the teams can be equal.
  • On PS4, control options are added, such as inverting the X / Y axes and sensitivity.
  • Slime Climb Players can no longer grab some of the moving obstacles.
  • Jump Showdown: Geometry is changed to prevent a game crash.
  • Jump Showdown: Automatic camera fixed.
  • In-store purchases are improved to avoid accidental selections.
  • The 5 most frequent “crashes” are fixed.
  • Visual fixes to some costumes.
  • Performance improvement on PS4 models, not PS4 Pro.
  • Added the option to change the jump button in Japan.
  • Trophy and achievement descriptions are displayed correctly in all languages.
  • The speed nerf of the yellow team is eliminated seriously, if you want to complain, go to them, we are only the messengers.

Have you noticed some of the issues they mention in the patch notes? One of the requests, related to spectator mode, could not be included in this update.

Fall Guys has also made headlines recently for a number of reasons. And it is that a mobile version has been confirmed. but for now, only in the Chinese market. In addition, thanks to the creative director of Mediatonic we have learned several details and anecdotes of the conception of the game. ReAd mOre: Fall Guys: New Changes Are Here! Skins And Much More


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