Fall Guys Reaches 8M Players On PS4! Announces New Skin

Over eight million players on PS4 for Fall Guys. The title continues to grow and with it the options. Team Fortress will collaborate with Fall Guys with the release of a game skin later.

Fall Guys is the game of the month. The launch of this crazy multiplayer title is being a successful thanks to its fun formula that has already penetrated countless players. Although we have only been enjoying its tests for a few days, the title has already presented more figures for its good reception.

So it’s many were talking that the Fall Guys launch model would make it the next Rocket League and it seems that it could be. Fall Guys has arrived as a free game on PS Plus for PS4 players and this has ensured tremendous success.

Fall Guys Reaches 8M Players On PS4! Announces New Skin
Fall Guys Reaches 8M Players On PS4! Announces New Skin

So, According to the statistical portal Gamstat, the title already registers more than eight million users on this console, something that is making Fall Guys become the fashionable game everywhere.

How long will the Fall Guys boom last? It’s a tough question, but if your company struggles to release new content and keep its formula fresh and up-to-date, Fall Guys may be the great multiplayer of 2020.

It seems that Mediatonic has already put the batteries because they have announced a new skin that will soon arrive in the new game.

The collaboration between Fall Guys and Team Fortress has not been long in coming, opening the ban on many other ideas and unions. Like Konami, who has already submitted their Metal Gear Solid designs for Fall Guys. The PC version hasn’t done badly either, Fall Guys has sold over 2 million copies on Steam.

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