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Fall Guys: Season 2 Date Has Been Revealed




Discover everything that will come to Fall Guys next October along with season 2

Fall Guys has already become one of the video games of 2020, attracting millions of players and enjoying incredible popularity on all streaming and video platforms. However, far from sitting idly by, those responsible for the work are already preparing important news with the arrival of season 2 to the video game.

It has been through the Opening Night Live Gamescom as Mediatonic has unveiled major changes and developments that come to Fall Guys with season 2. Here you can find a list of all the changes and developments that have been made public by the moment as well as the date of arrival to the video game of all of them.

Fall Guys Season 2 Date

Fall Guys: Season 2 Date Has Been Revealed
Fall Guys: Season 2 Date Has Been Revealed

As confirmed, Fall Guys will receive season 2 on October 6, after the end of the current and first season.

Changes and news for Fall Guys season 2

Season 2 of Fall Guys will arrive with new content that follows a medieval theme, both in the style of the different maps and the costumes that will appear in the video game.

We remind you that beyond this, the video game continues to improve and receive small corrections to improve the experience, as is the case with the recent update with which team events are only allowed when teams have the same number of players.

Finally and with the aim of finishing off the information that we have wanted to share with all of you along these lines, we can only remind you that in Nintendo inquirer we will be extremely attentive to the next steps that “Fall Guys” takes with the intention of serving you every news relevant that arises with respect to the Season 2.


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