Fall Guys: Tips To Win And Overcome Final Level Crazy Mountain

Fall Guys is a very fun and interesting game, but if you don’t win for many games it can be very exasperating. one of its final levels, Crazy Mountain, has an extra challenge for you that many forget. Remember to grab the crown.
Is victory in Fall Guys elusive? Do you reach the final, but bad luck hits you and you never win? Today we review some ideal tips and tricks to successfully overcome the final Mountain Majareta map and thus get that crown that resists you.

How To Get The Crown In Fall Guys Final Level?

If you are skilled enough and have luck on your part, you will reach the final. Today we see how to try to win in one of the four possible outcomes, the Montaña Majareta circuit. This circuit usually houses no less than eight players and up to a maximum of 12-15.

You will have to ascend through each of its zones and touch the final crown before your rivals. However, this is much more complicated than it sounds. The circuit is not simple, but each section keeps the odd secret.

Fall Guys: Tips To Win And Overcome Final Level Crazy Mountain
Fall Guys: Tips To Win And Overcome Final Level Crazy Mountain

The first is an area where giant balls and a series of horizontal plates will block your way. If the balls hit the plates, they could hit you, but they can also make it easier for you to pass through them. Therefore, you must pay attention to which one can hit the iron to sneak in on the handsome side. Always keep an eye on the balls that fall in order to anticipate the best possible route.

Once you get past this, you will reach an area with a series of rotating rollers. You have to make sure you pass in the direction the obstacle turns. That is, if you turn right, you must cross on the right side. Once you overcome this level, jump the three steps, overcome the same obstacle in a similar way to the previous ones and get ready to get the crown.

For this, you must calculate at the moment when it is at the lowest point since it rises and falls. Do not rush when jumping, as you could fall. If it is at the optimal moment, jump and grab it with R or the Shift key. This is very important, you have to grab it because if you hit it, nothing will happen.

You already know how to get the crown and win, now it’s time to put it into practice. Of course, here is a list of tips and tricks from Fall Guys to always reach the last round. You can also consult the list with all the Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout tests and a guide in which we explain how to change and customize your name within the game

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