FIFA 21: New Career Mode On PS4, Xbox One And PC

FIFA 21 will feature a partially revamped Career mode, which will add new interactive simulations, a greater emphasis on training and breaks, a better player progression system, new transfer options and other small changes that, together, need to be translated in a good wardrobe to compete throughout the season.
Today, we put an end to the FIFA 21 news series that EA Vancouver and EA Romania revealed in a long online presentation that we were able to attend a few days ago. This time, it is the turn of the Career mode, an aspect of the game that had been somewhat forgotten in recent seasons and that will present changes that, without being any revolution, will give it greater appeal and greater realism.

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Above all, it will highlight what is related to staff management. In the first place, the system of potential growth of the players has been remade, in which the balance between training sessions and rest days will be of great importance.

Thus, we will be able to plan group training to improve different aspects and we will have to keep in mind the morale of the players. In addition, as a novelty, footballers will be able to adapt to positions that, a priori, is not theirs.

FIFA 21: New Career Mode On PS4, Xbox One And PC
FIFA 21: New Career Mode On PS4, Xbox One, And PC

For example, if the need tightens, we can convert to a winger in extreme or a defensive pivot in central, and that his future progression is adjusted to it. More or less like what happened to Gareth Bale, who, after playing as a winger, ended up being converted into an extreme and, ultimately, a golfer.

The transfer system has also been significantly improved to make it more realistic. Thus, both we and the other clubs will be able to make use of new forms of contracting, such as assignments with compulsory or optional purchase clauses, player exchanges.

In addition, at the beginning of the season, we will be able to request financial loans. On the grass, the AI ​​will also try to adapt to our style of play, both in attack and defense. In other words, the same thing that would happen in reality if the same team had to face Barça or Atlético de Madrid, whose playing styles have nothing to do with it.

The other outstanding novelty will be an interactive game simulator. Until now, we could simulate matches and let chance decide the outcome.

However, from now on, we can watch the simulation in progress and instantly enter or exit the match at any time, depending on the score. Even if we do not enter the field, we can make substitutions or tactical changes, paying attention to aspects such as statistics or the performance of the players.

None of these novelties is a true revolution, and the saga is still far from offering something at the level of what, for example, NBA 2K has, but, in any case, it is appreciated that efforts are dedicated to modes such as Carrera or Volta Football. Not only the Ultimate Team and equivalents live sports games.

On October 9, when FIFA 21 launches on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, we’ll see whether or not this Career mode lives up to the best coaches in the world.

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