FIFA 21: What Is The Best Edition I Can Reserve?

FIFA 21 will be released on October 9 and it will do so through three different editions, which will also not only vary between the content they bring to the game but also on the date on which each user can access the title.

Therefore we will have to enter to assess two factors, although in reality, they focus on one, Ultimate Team. Early access is vital to start developing our squad as soon as possible in this game mode, as well as the incentives of each of the editions, which end up being important for the same reason.

But before going to analyze each of the FIFA 21 editions and the value that each of them can bring, we will make a brief review in relation to the game:

The first measure that should be applied with FIFA 21 is to improve the connection.

Then if we continue in Ultimate Team the truth is that we claim more and better free cards throughout the year. It is true that the end of FIFA 20 has been very generous in that regard, having been able to obtain such competitive cards through goals as Mendy Summer Heat, Bruno Fernándes Sumer Heat or Mbabu Summer Heat. But until the arrival of these cards to the game, we can say that the players that were obtained as rewards or as objectives of the season have not lived up to it.

We would also like to see cards that evolve, that there is a new type of card characterized by evolving as we achieve a series of milestones with it. They could upload their mean, attributes, work rates and stars.

FIFA 21 release schedule

  • October 1: Limited trial for EA Access users.
  • October 6: Users of the Champions Edition and the Ultimate Edition.
  • October 9: Global access to the game.

There are several things to keep in mind before purchasing any of its editions. On the one hand, the Champions and Ultimate editions provide 3 days of early access to the game, three days in which you can take advantage to play a large number of matches with which you will be able to take advantage in coins of the users who reach FIFA 21 on the official day of launching.

If we are clear that we want to play from October 6 and we do not want to wait until 9, the decision on your ideal edition is much easier. Only two options will remain, the Champions Edition and the Ultimate Edition.

The price difference between the Champions Edition and the Ultimate Edition is only € 10. For that minimal difference, it is worth going directly to the best edition.

The main difference between editions is that the Champions Edition gives access to an Ones to Watch, a player that can be especially interesting depending on the real-world transfer market. These letters are received by the best players who change from one club to another, so that already confirmed we would practically find Werner at Chelsea or Sané at Bayern. In addition, it could also leave us with a Lautaro at Barça or with a great striker at Real Madrid. Later, those cards improve as these players appear in the team of the week.

Therefore, this first FIFA 21 event can introduce more than interesting cards to the market. Acquiring the Champions Edition can make us start the year in FIFA with a very competitive squad.

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