Fortnite Launches Incredible Season 4 Trailer!

Epic Games has celebrated the premiere of its event with Marvel with a video that introduces us to its next season

The wars between Apple and Epic Games around Fortnite that have led to achieve many looks and create huge amounts of current news in recent days, Season 4 del battle royale has come to the game meeting its promise to allow us a great event in collaboration with the Marvel universe.

Proof of this has been the trailer that the official Fortnite account itself has uploaded to the YouTube platform, which serves as an introductory video to the events that will take place throughout this new Season 4 of Chapter 2 of the game.

Fortnite Launches Incredible Season 4 Trailer!
Fortnite Launches Incredible Season 4 Trailer!

Concerning the trailer, the leaks that occurred a couple of days ago about it turned out to be perfectly true: the heroes of Marvel and those of Fortnite would be about to face in a conflict unparalleled in the history of the battle royale just before realizing the imminent arrival of Galactus, who will settle as the main villain of Season 4 of the game.

From this very point, the only thing we can assure with certainty, taking into account the recent movements that Epic Games has carried out with the game, is that the new season of Fortnite promises to become one of the largest collaboration events that the game has premiered throughout its history.

Eventually and with the intention of ceasing off the news that we have needed to distribute with all of you with these words, we can honestly tell you that in Nintendo inquirer “ we will be much attentive to the subsequent steps that Fortnite takes with the intention of serving you complete news concerning that arises with respect to the new Season 4.

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