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Fortnite Might Be Returning To iOS




Hours and days go by within a Fortnite Season 4 that not all battle royale users are being able to enjoy; Above all, those who were affected by the great conflict that still exists between Apple and Epic Games that ended with the cancellation of the title in any device that used iOS when it was withdrawn from the Apple Store.

However, it would be very unreasonable for both companies if the conflict lasted longer than desirable; Although it is true that those responsible for Fortnite already announced that they would fight for as long as it took until Apple gave in to this new duel.

An option that would essentially consist of two alternatives: either that Apple demanded a lower percentage of the profits obtained by Fortnite or that it allowed the installation on iOS devices of applications from stores outside the Apple Store.

Fortnite Might Be Returning To iOS
Fortnite Might Be Returning To iOS

The thing is that having to do precisely with the latter, the Russian government is beginning to launch a series of pressures on Apple to make the company give in to it since the nation has begun to mobilize against the company’s monopoly to lower that percentage or to allow Epic Games to have its own store on iOS, as the leaker known as Mikey on Twitter has collected.

And is that if more countries and governments began to position themselves in favor of the Epic Games case in this fight of interests, the truth is that it is more plausible that we would see Fortnite return to iOS sooner rather than later; although it is true that it is still too early to take anything for granted.

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