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Fortnite Season 3: Ranking With All Weapons, Which Are The Best Weapons?




We introduce you to what we consider to be the best weapons in Fortnite season 3, a compendium of weapons ordered from the essentials to others that you should even avoid if you want to survive.

With each new season of Fortnite, and even after each update, the effectiveness of the different weapons that we have available in the game varies. Therefore, if you want to be a pro player, you should be aware of these changes to varying your strategy and choice in games.

Taking into account that this list may change with the succession of weeks, we are going to offer you a set of weapons that we consider to be the best but we also mention the worst ones so that you can avoid them.

The best weapons in Fortnite Season 3: ranking with all weapons, ordered by their usefulness.

The best (Tier S)

They are weapons that can assure you a good victory if you find them throughout the games, but as you will understand they will not appear as easy as others.

Here we want to highlight the Kit Wave Launcher and the Jules Delta Weapon, which as you can imagine are obtained from these leaders. They are a type of weapon that, although they are not designed for direct confrontations, they can simply destroy any type of structure or high ground, destroying the strategies of the rivals.

Fortnite Season 3: Ranking With All Weapons, Which Are The Best Weapons?
Fortnite Season 3: Ranking With All Weapons, Which Are The Best Weapons?

Among the best (Tier 1)

Here we have a few, and ideal to accompany us until the end of the game to use them in those confrontations where only the best are.

Among them we advise you:

  • The assault rifle in advanced rarity
  • Burst Assault Rifle in Advanced Rarity
  • Jules Drum Submachine Gun
  • The Loading Shotgun in Advanced Rarity
  • The rapid-fire submachine gun
  • The Submachine Gun in Advanced Rarity
  • Hunting Rifle in Advanced Rarity
  • Rocket launcher

Very good weapons (Tier B)

They can be used as secondary weapons to accompany the best, and that we could also use in those confrontations that we think are not entirely complicated.

Among them are:

  • Assault rifle in normal rarity
  • The Tactical Shotgun in Advanced Rarity
  • Loading shotgun
  • Submachine gun
  • Bolt-action rifle in advanced rarity
  • Harpoon weapon

They could be worth (Tier C)

Not that they will assure you of a victory, but you can use them while you find some better.

These include:

  • Burst assault rifle in normal rarity
  • Bolt-action rifle in normal rarity
  • Hunting Rifle in Normal Rarity
  • Flare gun

You should not take them into account much (Tier D)

They are not going to be worth much, but if you face a beginner they could be useful to save ammunition in other better ones. Among them are:

  • Tactical Shotgun in Normal Rarity
  • The Gun in Advanced Rarity

Forget them (Tier E)

The truth is that you should let them pass, but something is something:

  • Normal pistol
  • Rod

Now you know which are the best weapons in Fortnite season 3 and which should be left out.

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