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Fortnite Season 3: Where Is The Apres Ski Dance Floor




If you want to overcome the challenge, you must find the Apres Ski dance floor so that you are among the first to use a gesture to dance for 10 seconds.

In this challenge, we will have to move the skeleton on the dance floor of Apres Ski-in Fortnite season 3, and for us to complete the challenge before, we must find this location that is well hidden in a specific area of ​​the map.

 You will have to use the best dance emote you have in your inventory, but also explore the map to locate the Apres Ski dance floor, an emblematic place that is quite hidden on the map and that you have probably visited. Previously without you noticing.

 In this guide, we will focus on telling you how to find the Apres Ski dance floor in Fortnite season 3, so you can move your skeleton before your friends.

Where is the Apres Ski dance floor in Fortnite season 3? – Location

Fortnite Season 3: Where Is The Apres Ski Dance Floor
Fortnite Season 3: Where Is The Apres Ski Dance Floor

While dancing has no mystery using any of the emotes that we have enabled, the difficulty lies in knowing where exactly the Apres Ski dance floor is. We are talking about a ski cabin located at the southern end of the main island, specifically in quadrant E8.

As you have seen, the ski cabin is at the top of the mountain next to a frozen peak and is a building similar to a country house where we will find a fireplace and various elements related to skiing.

Once we have entered this cabin, we can locate the dance floor at the bottom to the right, and we simply have to go to it and execute any dance gesture that we have in the actions roulette. If you have done well, you will have overcome the challenge, and you will have earned 35,000 experience points, but remember that you must be dancing on this track for at least 10 seconds.

Be careful because there will be other opponents waiting for you to do the challenge to literally destroy you, so we recommend that you go directly from the battle bus to this location.

Now you know where to find the Apres Ski dance floor to dance in Fortnite season 3.

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