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Fortnite: This Glitch Will Make You Invisible In Season 4!




This is the new Fortnite glitch that makes you invincible in Season 4

The data mining community has found a way to avoid taking damage within battle royale games.

If there is one aspect of Fortnite today that is worth paying attention to and that goes beyond the large amounts of content that the Epic Games title releases with each new patch it receives, it would be the glitches that the game community discovers those on which we would have to look; above all, due to the fact that some of them can compromise the gaming experience offered by battle royale.

In this way and after talking to you about a couple of the most outstanding that arrived with Fortnite Season 4, for example, that of the Silver Surfer table or one that allows us to use the hang-glider infinitely today we will talk about one that will make us completely immortal and, therefore, will make us unable to be knocked down in a game.

Fortnite: This Glitch Will Make You Invisible In Season 4!
Fortnite: This Glitch Will Make You Invisible In Season 4!

The thing is that the data miner known as Glitch King found a way to carry out this exploit, which has shown in a video what are the steps to be taken to carry it out. Now, if we want to show you the process, it is to highlight that this glitch exists with the aim that more people echo it so that Epic Games can solve it as soon as possible.


  • We should put a car right next to a pile of straw
  • Then, we will have to jump towards the pile of straw from a great height and shoot it just before hitting it
  • When the character animation appears bugged, we will have to get into the car to drive it
  • Once we get out of the vehicle, the glitch would be executed

Finally, we can only remind you that we will be extremely attentive to the next patch released by Epic Games for Fortnite in order to check if the company has chosen to correct this exploit as soon as possible.


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