Fortnite Will Not Return To iOS

The war between Apple and Epic Games is one that possibly few expected in the middle of 2020, with Fortnite already joined as one of the reference titles in the video game industry. However, both companies have become strong in their positions, waiting for the law to begin to dictate whose side is right. Now, we know that the first win should mostly add up to iOS creators.

This is how we can see it in the next tweet from Rod Breslau, who has been in charge of reporting the first decision made by the judge:

As we can see, the truth is that the case today has one lime and another sand for Epic Games. Despite, as we have reported, iOS players will continue to see it impossible to play Fortnite again on their iPhone – which has caused the start of a kind of black market.

Fortnite Will Not Return To iOS
Fortnite Will Not Return To iOS

Meanwhile, where Epic Games can claim victory is in the fact that the judge has told Apple to allow the use of the company’s development tools to third parties.

This is mainly due to the fact that the ban on the Unreal Engine not only had an effect on the Fortnite developer herself but also on hundreds of developers around the world who use Epic Games tools both for their results and for the economy of this – a point that Microsoft defended in a public letter supporting the study.

Until the only thing, we can conclude for now is that we are still at the beginning of a dispute that clearly goes for a long time. Epic Games does not seem willing to step on the brake, and less known than its application is still one of the references in the sector. We will see, then, if in the coming weeks we have new legal Fortnite episodes like the one seen recently.

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