Fresh Start Worlds are coming to OSRS

In Fresh Start Worlds, players can begin their Old School adventure again. The gameplay is identical to the classic version of RuneScape but with new features such as a revamped economy and updated HiScores. Both free-to-play and paid versions of Fresh Start Worlds exist. The Fresh Start Worlds is a unique way for seasoned and new players to experience the game, and it is not a placeholder for the Deadman Mode or Leagues. 

To attract players and spark life to OSRS, Fresh Start Worlds is a great way to attract new players or re-link existing players with the game they adore! So if you’re looking to explore this new RS version, check out the super deals at GamerTotal and let the game begin! 

OSRS Fresh Start Worlds 

Fresh Start Worlds offers a competitive and casual experience with plenty of achievements for those looking to start on a fresh note! In addition, the mode will feature a separate economy integrated into the classic RuneScape experience. To further assist new players, Jagex introduced the Achievements system unique to Fresh Start Worlds; however, this system will not provide any additional benefits to existing players. 

Your Fresh Start Worlds progress will be carried over to the main game when six months have passed, meaning the FSW mode will be available for half a year, beginning on October 19! Your progress, from items, Quest Points to skill levels, will be transferred to the main game once FSW concludes. This is a good chance for new players to learn the ropes and progress through the RuneScape story quickly. 

Getting into FSW 

To get into Fresh Start Worlds, players must complete the tutorial on any world with their brand-new account. A message at the tutorial’s conclusion will ask if players want a Fresh Start account or a regular game account. The player will also receive a timer showing how 

many days of FSW are left. After that, players can take their FSW accounts back to the main game whenever they like, but this action is irreversible. 

Leaving FSW 

Players looking to return to the main game can do so through the Side Panel Interface. Doing this will transfer the account and everything on it permanently. For those unsure of this decision, a three-day grace period will take effect to help them decide. Once players decide to leave, their FSW account will be frozen from performing any actions in FSW. 

FSW Memberships

The newly introduced Bond-to-Voucher system will allow players to use their existing Membership Bonds and turn them into redeemable codes. The code can also be given to a friend for use. In addition, a new option ‘Redeem a Voucher Code’ will appear in the Bond Redemption menu. 

The code will be given to the account that purchased the Bond in the first place. Players will then have the option of keeping it for themselves or giving it to someone else. Unfortunately, the voucher codes cannot be acquired in-game; instead, players must log in to the Old School RuneScape website to apply the Membership to their account. 


Fresh Start Worlds features the same functionality as the main game but with a new economy and HiScores! All game updates that affect the main game will also be applied to the Fresh Start Worlds. Unlike FSW in RuneScape, players will not enjoy XP and drop rate boosts in OSRS’s Fresh Start Worlds version. Ironman Mode will be disabled as well. 

Achievement System 

The Achievement System is in place to incentivize game progression and reward players, especially newcomers, for gameplay that furthers their character development. Players can check their total AP gained from the Side Panel Interface. Players earn Achievement Points by completing quests, participating in activities, slaying bosses, and completing Clue Scrolls. As AP will passively accrue over time, it will be a breeze to get achievements! 

The main game’s Adventure Path and Activity Advisor features will also be accessible in the Fresh Start Worlds. Together with the new Achievement System, these features will ease the transition into the game for new players. In addition, the Achievement System encourages a sense of accomplishment and recognizes hard work. 

Worlds First System 

Fresh Start Worlds will offer an opportunity to take on the challenge of attempting a World First. This feature acknowledges the player for accomplishing a particular feat first, such as defeating a boss or leveling up to 99 in a specific skill. 

The following are all possible World First achievements: 

  • First to complete a quest. 
  • First to kill a boss. 
  • First to hit 99 on any skill. 
  • First to befriend a pet.
  • First to complete an Achievement or Combat Diary. 
  • First to get an iconic item drop or Abyssal Whip, Toxic Blowpipe, and Bandos. · First to complete specific Collection Logs or acquire a Quest or Music Cape.

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