From An Amateur To A Pro | Here’s How These Sites Helped WoW Players

There’s no debate that World of Warcraft is one of the most loved games. Despite being relatively an old game, players still like to spend their time in WoW awesome zones. Every year, the game surprises its players with new exciting content and expansions to keep them curious. Whether you have played the game for hundreds of hours, still there’s always something left to know or master. Well, that’s the beauty of WoW!  

On the internet, there’s a high chance that you came across several websites when looking for guidance and help regarding World of Warcraft. The gamers and experts are so crazy about this game that you will find tons of information and data available. The challenging part is to shortlist the platforms or websites that really promise to provide assistance to WoW players with all the vital information and help they need.

In this review article, we’ve found some useful websites for you. These sites can surely help you in your journey to become a professional player in World of Warcraft.  

Let’s get started!


Overgear is an extremely useful website that successfully helped thousands of WoW players. This website can really make your WoW experience an absolute delight. From a variety of solutions including guidance, boosting, and in-game supplies, Overgear has it all.

Overgear is designed specifically to meet WoW players’ needs. The main products that they offer to players are coaching, self-play boosting service, and in-game currencies at a discounted price. Whether you need guidance in PVE or PVP modes or ask questions about a certain game style, the professional and master players of WoW are always there to help you out. The website also shares useful guides that you can read to see if your question is also a FAQ.       


With roughly 8 years of experience, Epiccarry is an exceptional platform dedicated to help WoW players. This amazing site keeps their services updated alongside the game to answer the players queries and cope up with their needs. 

You can ask them to assign a pro player to play on your behalf or you can also request a coach to help you learn the game mechanics. Currently, they are offering assistance in every aspect of WoW including PVP, PVE, Arena coaching, farming, and many more. This website also provides personally designed services to help you with your specific needs.     


The excellent service and on-point guidance always made SkyCoach a go-to website when it comes to WoW. SkyCoach is specialized in MMOs like WoW to assist them with whatever they need. The website offers coaching and boosting to players who are struggling in making progress in the game.

This customer-oriented website escorts you through every single step making it super easy for you. Moreover, you can find several useful articles, tips and tricks, and blogs about WoW, shared on a regular basis. This platform is beneficial for both beginner level players or max-level players who indeed want to maximize their ranks and gears. You can go to the website from and find news about WoW so that you stay updated with everything. There they have full planned instructions to guide you through the process. Thousands of WoW players are using this site every day to become better at the game. To cut a long story short, there isn’t a single website that offers better boosting and coaching better than SkyCoach.  


This next recommended site is quite different from all the websites mentioned on our list.

With so much information out there, finding the right one that’ll work for you is hard. WowPedia is an authentic site that provides in-depth information about everything in WoW. In short, WowPedia is just like an encyclopedia of WoW. Moreover, they have a global community forum where WoW players from all over the world disclose their experiences and discuss various aspects of the game. They feature a huge database on their site giving information about items, quests, npcs, and many more things in WoW.

Final Thoughts

There are hundreds of websites providing guidance and coaching to WoW players. However, the shared website will definitely help in leveling up your WoW journey. You can visit these websites if you want any kind of help and if you’re serious about becoming a better player in WoW.

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