Ghost Of Tshushima: Where Are The Black And White Tint Merchants

In the Ghost of Tsushima, the merchants that one finds offers a wide range of things to buy and enhance your armor. But you may have seen that there is an absence of two colors. And those colors are black and white. This is because both colors are only sold at two specific, hidden merchants, so if you like to decorate your armor, check out our guide.

Finding these two merchants is vital if we want to get all the trophies in the game. The white tinted merchant can be reached by exploring the map and he is in the Izuhara region. But to get to the black dye merchant, which is in the Toyotomi region, you will first have to get to Act 2 of the story; In addition to all that, you will need flowers to acquire the dyes.

So, here we will tell you where you can find black and white tint merchants. Are you ready? So let’s get started!

Ghost Of Tshushima: Where Are The Black And White Tint Merchants
Ghost Of Tsushima: Where Are The Black And White Tint Merchants

White Dye Merchant

It is located west of the Tramp, in the Izuhara Region. As we have already stated, this area can be accessed once Act 1 is finished, although accessing the merchant is slightly difficult. It is on a small hill in the north of the region and when you arrive you can either take the paved road to the west or climb the hill to the east. Still, you will know that you have arrived because you can see the tower with many shades of white. Talk to the merchant to get access to your merchandise.

Black Dye Merchant

It is located slightly southwest of the Urashima settlement, which is at the easternmost point of the Toyotomi Region. This merchant is hidden in a cave in the middle of a small bamboo forest. You will know that you have arrived when the bamboos have black support. Enter the cave and speak to the merchant, who will offer you his merchandise.

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