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Ghost of Tsushima: How to Get The “Clan Cooper Cosplay” Trophy And Sly Cooper Armor




Sure enough, Sly Cooper is also in Ghost of Tsushima in the form of armor. If you want to get the trophy and pay tribute to this nice character, you cannot miss this guide.

A few years ago, Sucker Punch, creators of Ghost of Tsushima, developed an acute trilogy of games with their own pet, Sly Cooper. All three titles are fondly remembered and it seems that the developer did not want to forget about the thief raccoon in her samurai game.

How to Get the Ghost of Tsushima “Clan Cooper” Trophy and Sly Cooper Armor

Ghost Of Tsushima: The Change To Not Offend Japanese
Ghost Of Tsushima: The Change To Not Offend Japanese

As we were saying, it is possible to get the Sly Cooper armor in Ghost of Tsushima. If you do, you will also get a trophy, something essential if you want to show off Platinum. It is true that it is not an armor itself, since they are made up of loose pieces that may not be related at first sight.

If you get all these parts you will see how you start to look like the raccoon. Next, we will tell you what the parts are to get the Clan Cooper Cosplay Trophy and thus pay tribute to the great character we saw in the past.

  • Gosaku’s Armor: It is a reward for completing the mystical tale “The Gosaku the Unbreakable” in Kamiagata.
  • Thief’s Bandana: It is a reward that you can find on an offering altar. Check them out as you complete the story to find it.
  • Kama’s Twisted Headband: You’ll hit this piece at the top of the Jogaku Temple in Kamigata.
  • Sly Tanuki Sword: This katana kit is found on a Pillar of Honor in Kamigata, Kin Prefecture, specifically east of Iwai Village.
  • Ocean Guardian: A blue tint that will cost you 10 flowers. You can buy it from a merchant in Umugi Cove.

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