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Ghost Of Tsushima: Get Unlimited Metal With This Simple Farming Trick




It is now possible to get unlimited metal in Ghost of Tsushima with a simple trick that we are going to explain, and that you must take advantage of quickly before it is corrected in the next update.

Metal is very important in the Ghost of Tsushima because it will allow us to improve our weapons, essential to continue advancing in the narrative without having to go through the different duels and sections of the story.

Luckily, there is a trick to getting unlimited metal in Ghost of Tsushima that is already being taken advantage of by thousands of players, and that you should also capitalize on before it is patched.

Ghost Of Tsushima: Get Unlimited Metal With This Simple Farming Trick
Ghost Of Tsushima: Get Unlimited Metal With This Simple Farming Trick

As you well know, metal or steel is usually found in different chests throughout the open world of the game, but unfortunately, it is in very specific areas and very separated from each other, so that from one point to another it can take quite a few minutes until keep increasing your amount of stored metal.

But for now, the game has a flaw, and that is that every time we recharge one of the control points, these chests that include metal will reappear and even if we have opened them, we can open them once more.

In this way, every time we recharge a control point, not only will we keep all the material we have obtained before, but also all the materials in the world will reappear, including metal. 

This way, all you have to do is find a chest or any other source that grants metal, and then let the character die so that the most recent checkpoint is recharged.

By doing this, not only will you retain the metal you’ve obtained before, but you can go back to this metal chest or fountain and pick it up again. If you repeat the process over and over again you can get metal infinitely.

If you don’t know where to find metal right now, you have the Salt Wind State location just east of the Azamo area where you can find plenty.

As you can imagine, this trick also works for other types of resources.

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