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Ghost Of Tsushima: How To Get The Fundoshi Armor




Today we will see how to get one of the strangest and most peculiar armors of Ghost of Tsushima. The Fundoshi set will allow us to go half-naked with Jin Sakai and it is one of the most difficult armor to get.

There is plenty of armor in Ghost of Tsushima. Getting all of them is not a one-day task and one of the last that can be obtained is undoubtedly also one of the most ungainly and special. We are talking about the Fundoshi armor. 

We tell you how to unlock it.

Ghost Of Tsushima: How To Get The Fundoshi ArmorGhost Of Tsushima: How To Get The Fundoshi ArmorGhost Of Tsushima: How To Get The Fundoshi Armor
Ghost Of Tsushima: How To Get The Fundoshi Armor

The Fundoshi armor is one of the last sets available in the game. To do this, you will have to wait for Act 3 of the game. What is the unlocking process? Well, to get this armor, you have to bathe in the 18 hot springs on the map.

In total, there are nine hot springs in Act 1, six in Act 2, and three in Act 3. In all of them, you must rest and restore energy. But fear not, what at first may seem like a heavy task, it is not so much if we use a trick that the game itself enables us to do.

With a skill point, we can unlock the ability for the wind to guide us to the nearest hot springs, something incredibly useful to find them without wasting time in a blind search.

But what is the Fundoshi armor? Well, the best thing about this outfit is that Jin Sakai will go semi-naked on the map. Something funny but always an illusion to have. The advantages of wearing this armor are meager and highly dishonorable for a samurai. You will only make less noise.

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