Ghost Of Tsushima: When? Where? And How To Get All 52 Throphies?

Through this list of trophies for Ghost of Tsushima, we introduce you to what you must do to unlock all the gold, silver and bronze ones so that you can obtain the exclusive platinum. We …

Ghost Of Tsushima

Through this list of trophies for Ghost of Tsushima, we introduce you to what you must do to unlock all the gold, silver and bronze ones so that you can obtain the exclusive platinum.

We help you get all the Ghost of Tsushima trophies by telling you what you must do in each of them to unlock them, with descriptions of the most complicated so that they do not resist you.

We have 52 trophies in Ghost of Tsushima that we can get throughout the adventure, some playing naturally, and others having to do extensive prior work such as collecting all the stories.

Totally, we have 1 platinum, 2 gold, 9 silver and 40 bronze trophy, and knowing what you must do to unlock each of them, you have the path paved.

All Ghost of Tsushima trophies and how to get the hardest

Some of the following trophies are fairly easy to achieve and require no explanation, but there are others where you are going to have to sweat a lot if you want to be one of the few players who can unlock the 52 available.

Platinum trophy

  • Living Legend: You must get all the trophies in the game.

Bronze trophies

  • Budding Storm: Achieved by retrieving the Sakai Clan katana and no need to worry, as you will automatically obtain it in the main story.
  • Point of no return: break your code to help your friend. You get it automatically in the story so you don’t have to worry.
  • Company of wolves: for this, you must recruit the ronin straw hat, and it is also achieved in the narrative automatically.
  • Fanning the fire: To do this you must rescue Taka from the Mongols, and you also automatically obtain it throughout the narrative.
  • Family reunion: for this, you must free Lord Shimura from the Kan, it is also achieved in the narrative naturally.
  • Leader of the people: for this, you must meet with the peasants of Yarikawa and this is achieved in the narrative automatically.
  • Right of birth: we must recover the armor of our father and it is also an automatic trophy of history.
  • Embers in extinction: we must eradicate traitors in the name of a fallen friend, and it is also related to the narrative.
  • The ghost: accept your new identity, another of the narrative’s automatic trophies.
  • Alliance of Exiles: For this, you must meet your allies in the frozen north, and it is another of the automatic trophies of the narrative.
  • The end of sovereignty: For this, you must face the Khan, and it is also another automatic trophy related to history.

Gold trophy

  • Mono no Aware: For this, you must leave the past behind and accept the burden of your new direction, and it is another of the automatic trophies of history.

Silver trophies

  • The Warrior Monk: For this, we must complete all the stories of Norio. Norio’s stories are a series of side quests and we have 9 spread across all regions of the game. You will get these stories as part of the story and another as part of side missions.
  • Vengeful war: for this, we must complete all the stories of Masako. We have a total of 9 Masako stories that we can receive from both main and secondary missions.
  • The unbeatable archer: for this, we must complete all the stories of Ishikawa. We have 8 stories that we can find in main and secondary missions throughout the adventure.
  • The Stubborn Thief: We must complete all of Yuna’s stories. In total, we have 4 stories that we will visit throughout the adventure and in side missions.
  • Telling stories: for this, we must complete all the mythical stories. In total, we have 7 mythical stories, a kind of side quests but focused on a higher level of difficulty, making them more difficult to overcome.

Gold trophy

  • Sword of the helpless: for this, we must complete all the stories of Tsushima. In total, we have 61 in the game, and they come to encompass all these previous stories, including the stories of Norio, Masako, Ishikawa and Yuna, and also stories from different regions.

Bronze trophies

  • Flash of Steel: To do this we must defeat 20 enemies with a counterattack after making a perfect detour.
  • Protection of witnesses: to achieve this we must shoot an arrow at an enemy who is scared to death while escaping. To do this we must wait for the enemy to fall to the ground in shock and then start fleeing from the fight
  • Twist of the Wrist: for this, we must defeat the maximum number of enemies that we are allowed in a confrontation.
  • We are open: we must unbalance enemies up to 50 times. For this, we must exhaust his white bar that is on his head in order to break all his defenses.
  • There can only be one: for this, we must win all duels. We are talking about boss fights that have their own name and health bar. Most of you will find them throughout history, but others come from the liberation of certain Mongolian territories.

Silver trophy

  • Happy fall: for this, we must eliminate an enemy by fall damage when throwing it by an overhang.

Bronze trophies

  • Spectral Accuracy: To unlock it we must eliminate 20 enemies with slashes in the ghost stance.
  • Ghost of Legend: We must earn the title of Ghost of Tsushima. This is going to happen automatically when we complete all the main and secondary stories and when we have liberated the Mongolian territories.
  • Avid student: for this, we must learn the postures of stone, water, wind and moon. For this, we must obtain new positions when defeating the enemy leaders, and they are characterized because they have better armor than normal enemies.
  • You are throwing it: for this, you must learn about the techniques of throwing weapons. To do this you must buy all the skills in the techniques menu, ghost and ghost weapons. Notify that there are a total of 14 skills. You will unlock more as you increase your legend level.
  • The perfect storm: for this, we must improve our sword to the maximum. For this, you can update them in the different smithies thanks to resources such as iron, steel and gold that you will get in the Mongolian outposts.
  • Talismañoso: for this, we must equip a talisman in each of the spaces that we have available. Of course, we must first complete the Inari shrines to unlock those six spaces for talismans.
  • Gift: You must collect 10 gifts and obtain them through gift altars, for example in the Golden Temple of the first region. Through the progress of the story, you will get the rest.
  • Matador: for this, we must get 30 team cosmetics. The fastest way to obtain them is through the Haiku and also through the pillars of honor.
  • Light the way: for this, we must relight all the Tsushima lighthouses.
  • Den of thieves: for this, we must discover the Umugi Cove which is an automatic trophy related to history.
  • Favor of the Kami: for this, we must find all the Shinto shrines and pay tribute to them.
  • Honored by unseen: for this, we must bow to the 10 hidden altars throughout the map.
  • Lost and found: We must discover a pillar of honor and collect the sword equipment. Note that there are 23 pillars of honor although luckily we only need one of them to unlock this trophy.
  • Monochromatic Masters: For this, we must buy an item from the merchants in black and white tint.

Silver trophy

  • Cooper clan cosplayer: we must dress like a legendary thief and for this, we are required to find five pieces such as the sword, the helmet, the mask, the armor and the dye.

Bronze trophies

  • Requiem for a blacksmith: for this, we must play the lament of the storm in the grave of a friend, thus being one of the songs we have for the flute and to unlock it we must first collect five singing crickets that are found in cemeteries.
  • A moment in time: for this, we must personalize a scene in photo mode.
  • Avid reader: to unlock it we must read 20 documents out of a total of 40 that we can find throughout history.
  • Know your enemy: we must get 20 Mongolian artifacts, although luckily there are 50 in the whole adventure.

Silver trophy

  • Body, mind and spirit: To unfasten it, we need to finish all 18 springs, 19 haikus, 49 Inari shrines and 16 bamboo stalls.

Bronze trophies

  • People’s Heroes: We must liberate 12 occupied areas in Izuhara.
  • A fight for the island: we must liberate all the occupied areas in Izuhara.
  • Until never: we must free 8 occupied areas in Toyotama.
  • Guaranteed Asylum: We must clear all occupied areas of Toyotama.
  • Mass eviction: We must liberate 7 occupied areas in Kamiagata.
  • A new safe haven: we must liberate all the occupied areas of Kamiagata.

Silver trophy

  • The great liberator: we must liberate the entire island of Tsushima.

Now you know what you must do to unlock all the trophies in Ghost of Tsushima. We recommend that you read 9 Ghost of Tsushima tips and tricks that you should know before starting to play and review our analysis.

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