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Ghost of Tsushima: Where To Find Shinto Shrines And Duels




We help you find all the Shinto shrines and duels in Ghost of Tsushima, a series of places that are scattered throughout the three regions of the map and that you will need to finish your adventure.

There are many places that we can visit through the extensive map of Ghost of Tsushima, and the most prominent are the Shinto shrines and also the duels, both required to obtain all the trophies in the game and also to advance in the story.

Although you will be able to visit all the Shinto shrines and participate in duels after finishing your adventure, it is recommended that you know the location of each one of them so that you can make the most of your time when you are in the area.

Ghost of Tsushima: Where To Find Shinto Shrines And Duels
Ghost of Tsushima: Where To Find Shinto Shrines And Duels

Location of all Shinto shrines

We have 16 shrines and once you get to these places you will have to participate in a mountain climb until you reach the shrine where you must pray to get a spell reward.

Izuhara region map

1: On the slope of Azimo

2: Down the Wind Mountain

3: Plum Blossom in the Brown River Gorge

4: Golden Summit

5: Stone Dragon

6: Spring Falls

7: Mending Rock

Toyotama region map

8: Marsh Rock

9: Scarlet Rock

10: Hazy Cliff

11: Lush Peak

12: Cloud Ridge

13: Turtle Rock

Kamiagata region map

14: Frost Cliff

15: Crane Mountain

16: Snowlit Peak

Location of all duels

We have 25 duel locations including the prologue, and they are boss fights in which we are going to face stronger enemies than normal. Even if you have finished the game, you can continue participating in these duels in the final free mode.

Ghost of Tsushima: Where To Find Shinto Shrines And Duels
Ghost of Tsushima: Where To Find Shinto Shrines And Duels

Throughout the narrative

1: Khatun

2: Ryuzo

3: General Temuge

4: Ryuzo

5: Khotun Khan

6: Lord Shimura

Free mode

7: Yasumasa

8: Hirotsune

9: Tomotsugu

10: Kiyochika

11: Kanetomo

Duel of the Liberation Outposts

12: Warlord Harunori

13: Warlord Dogar

14: General Bartu

15: General Dogshin

Duels of the stories

16: Kaede

17: Yasuhira Koga

18: Tengu Demon

19: The Spirit of Yarikawa

20: Kojiro

21: Bettomaru

Sidequest duels

22: Jinroku

23: The Conspirator

24: Altan

25: Sanetoki

Now you know where all the Shinto shrines are and where the duels are held in Ghost of Tsushima.

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