The Grim Dawn marked stone is an essential part of the quest and one might often wonder about its significance and have several questions regarding how they can obtain it and what are the different objectives of the quest. If you are someone with such confusion this article is for you and it gives a detailed explanation of the Grim Dawn Hidden Path quests.


The Hidden Path is an extension of a side quest that takes place in all four acts of Grim Dawn. Act 1 however, consists of the player attempting to reach Act2 where they obtain Dynamite and the quest is unlocked only after this. The expansion of the quest takes place on the in-game lore which is about the three Witch Gods of Cairn.


Unblocking a secret area in the Lower crossing helps in getting accessibility to the Hidden Path. The Detonation site requires two Dynamites for its access. It is towards the end that the exploration of a small hidden side-area which lies the boss creature of Guardian of Dreeg.


On death, the creature drops the Runestone of Dreeg along with a note. The Runestone activates the quest and the note contains detailed instructions and details of the next stage of the quest.


The continuation of the quest happens in Act-2 and is situated in the south-west of the Broken Hills which is another secret area that can be discovered behind the stone gate.

The player has an encounter with the Guardian of Solael here and on death, this Guardian drops the Runestone of Solael along with another note -The Hidden Path-Solael and this contains details of the further continuation and the instructions for the further actions and objectives of the quest.


The third stone is found in the fourth act and is located in the Asterkan Valley region. The gate heads northwest from the Rift and leads into an area with standing stones and a shrine called the Devotion Shrine. Behind this destructible wall, there is the next note which is found after the wall crumbles down and it contains the clue that will help you find the final Runestone.

The third secret area can be found after backtracking through the Asterkarn Valley and the exploration of this area by the player leads him to a cave that contains the Guardian of Bysmiel. This guardian drops the Runestone of Bysmiel and The Hidden Path-Bysmiel note.

Once the player picks up this stone, the player will be granted a reward for the progress in the quest in the form of an Attribute Point.

This part of the grim dawn hidden path also includes the Loose stone in its area and this stone, when activated, results in the opening of the doors to the Foundation of Corpses. Foundation of Corpses is a secret challenge optional in its nature and contains Rashlga, who is the Mad Queen.


When all the three Runestones that are found in the quest are put together, they form a clue to the location of the Temple of Three-the East Marsh. Entrance to the grim dawn east marsh marked stone and following the road that leads to the broken bridge, the player needs to follow the river edge to the east to find a huge marked stone.

This stone is concealed partially by the density of trees and the stone only opens if the player has all the three Runestones from the earlier quest. The opening of this grim dawn marked stone sealed by eldritch forces reveals yet another hidden area that paves the way to the Temple of the Three.


When the player reaches the end of this temple dungeon, there is a boss room of The Sentinel. When the player brings him down to death the Sanctum of the Witch Gods is unlocked and the player can speak and have a conversation with The Attendant to reach the completion of the quest.

The quest needs to be completed by the collection of the several grim dawn Runestones and these stones can be collected only when the player fights the Guardians in all the hidden areas and defeats them.

Every time the player is successful in executing the guardians in the hidden area, a Runestone demarcated to the area is attained along with the note which acts as the set of instructions for the next act of the quest and following the guidelines and details mentioned in the note helps the player get through each act.

The separation of the stones and the locations is done in terms of acts and with each passing act, the player gets closer to the achievement of successfully passing through the quest. The hidden areas are located in different directions and consist of shrines and structures that are mostly destructible.

The grim dawn shrine locations can be traced in the map and these locations are the home to the Guardians and hence the discovery of these areas results in the player getting closer to the next level of the quest.

The grim dawn secret challenge is an optional challenge found after the discovery of the Runestone of Bysmiel by the layer and this may or may not be opted and cleared by the player. These are not essentially required to attain the necessary Rudestones or to get through the quest.

Gamers have often complained of a glitch in the hidden path and this Grim Dawn hidden path bug can hinder your gaming experience. Several ways to solve this issue are given online and one can look for a tutorial video or a step-by-step explanation of ways to get rid of this glitch.

The glitch does sometimes hinder the progress of the player in the game and might make the player uninterested or confused. On experiencing the glitch, one must make sure to check the difficulty level of the quest and change it according to their experience. New players often experience this issue in setting the difficulty on the elite of playing in the elite difficulty level.


The Grim Dawn hidden path is a game with different acts that consists of several different hidden areas. The game can be played at multiple difficulty levels based on the expertise of the player. The player needs to fight the guardians of the hidden areas and kill them to achieve the note of details to the next level of the quest and in this manner, with each passing discovery or the areas, the player reaches closer to the Temple of the Three which is the area that gives the player the successful completion of the quest and the achievement reward.

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